The GeeksverseAbyss: Family Issues #1

Abyss: Family Issues #1
Published on Saturday, February 26, 2011 by

Published by: Red 5 Comics
Written by: Kevin Rubio
Art by: Alfonso Ruiz
Colors: Garry Henderson
Letters: Troy Peteri
Cover Art: Alfonso Ruiz w/ Andrew Crossley

I saw this at my LCS and it looked interesting so I picked it up.

Glad I did. This is the first issue of the second volume of Abyss. In a nutshell, Eric Hoffman was the son of a billionaire. Turned out that Eric’s father was also the world’s greatest super-villian, called Abyss. Eric wasn’t happy and using his own father’s inventions and fortune to stop his villianous father. Now he’s trying to be a hero, trying to run and put his father’s company to right, and trying to forge his own reputation.

It was pretty good. You don’t have to have read the first volume to be able to get into this one. It’s pretty easy to pick up on. The opening is a bit rought at first, but once we meet Eric it gets easier.

The cast is pretty interesting and not your typical superheroic archetypes. The issue opens with Mr Magic trying to win back some of his old gear because his wife put it up for sale on EBay because he got caught stealing glances at a superheroine’s assets. That pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the issue.

It’s not all comedy and light hearted. There is some seriousness in the conversation between Eric and the heroine called Quiver, which was well handled scene. Rubio shows that he can handle the super heroic scenes, the talking head scenes and does a good job with the “coming of age” aspects.

Ruiz’s art is decent. Not a style that I’m a huge fan of, but it was enjoyable. There’s a couple of scenes where it’s hard to follow what is happening and the opening is very strange. Was Mister Magic really naked the whole time?

All in all the art is decent, with just a couple of panels looking lacking compared to the rest.

Abyss: Family Issues #1 receives
4 out of 5

A pretty good story and an interesting character.

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