The GeeksverseAction Comics #898

Action Comics #898
Published on Saturday, February 26, 2011 by

Written by: Paul Cornell
Art by: Pete Woods
Colors: Brad Anderson
Letters: Rob Leigh
Cover Art: David Finch w/ Ryan Winn & Alex Sinclair
Associate Editor: Wil Moss
Editor: Matt Idelson

Once again Paul Cornell shows that he has a great handle on what makes Lex Luthor tick. We see how Luthor views his employees. The part about his employee being expendable and nothing more then a “construct” was well done. Luthor is a driven man. He wants what is his, much like Larfleeze, and what he thinks of as his is everything.

Larfleeze is the perfect counter to Luthor. It’s like Luthor is looking into a distorted mirror. Larfleeze is the ugly side of Luthor’s desires made reality. Luthor wants it all, but he doesn’t see it as wanting it for himself, he sees it as wanting it for the betterment of humanity and he’s the only one that can accomplish that.

The reveal of who the enemy is that has been controling the Lois robot is shocking, but it shouldn’t be. Looking back in hindsight it’s a “well yeah, that makes sense” kind of moment. Cornell’s handle of the reveal is well done. Now we have a confrontation to look forward to next issue that should be extremely entertaining.

The driving force of this issue is how Luthor views his employees. Alot of people feel as if they are just “cogs in the machine” and faceless workers to their bosses. Luthor puts it into words and actions. He shows that his employees are just cogs in the machine. Luthor shows how ruthless he can be.

Pete Woods has come a long ways from his early work on Backlash at Wildstorm. He’s one of the top pencilers today. His work is excellant and this issue is no exception. He does a great job with the details on Lex’s battle armor as well as the constructs of Larfleeze.

Action Comics #898 receives
4 out of 5

I know Superman is supposed to return to the title soon, but I hope not. I’m enjoying Lex’s turn as the book’s star.

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