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Abiding Perdition #1
Published on Sunday, February 27, 2011 by

Published by: 1821 Comics & Arcana Studios
Written & Created by: Nick Schley
Art by: Pedro Delgado
Colors: Bob Pedroza
Editor: Mike Kalvoda

Abiding Perdition is out as a trade paperback from 1821 Comics and Arcana Studios. This review focuses on issue #1. Is the story worth picking up?

It’s a retelling of the classic Red Riding Hood story, with a twist. This time Red is a young girl traveling through the Black Wood with her grandmother when they are attacked by De’Grey. De’Grey is shown as a giant wolf and we don’t learn more then that about him in the first issue. Red escapes De’Grey, and her grandmother is killed. She flees through the forest and finds a magical willow tree deep in the woods. There she is saved from a wolf’s attack by Bjor Erisson, also known as Oakveil. Bjor raises her and ten years later they decide to return to the wood to kill De’Grey so she can be free from the nightmares.

The solicitation text hints at a bigger role in the world for Red, but the first issue hints at none of that. It’s an origin tale, in a way, showing how Red and Bjor met and what started Red down this path of revenge. Without the hints of the larger role, it’s still a good first issue.

Schley’s script is thick. It’s narrated by Red, from the present day (19 year old Red), and has a story quality. It’s her telling her story to two young children. It’s overly descriptive, as we see the actions and get Red’s narration. It works once you realize that Red is telling the story, so her being more descriptive in the text for the actions we see in the art, makes sense. But on the first read it’s very heavy. Luckily it has a good flow and doesn’t bog down. It has a nice middle ages feel, the words and cadence fitting in with the time period.

The story itself is decent, in that most of it is about Red’s escape from De’Grey and the tree she finds in the forest. The hook is that you want to read on and find out if Red gets her revenger on De’Grey and avengers her grandmother. This is a Red Riding Hood tale afterall, we know how it originally ends, so we want to see how this new version ends.

Delgado’s art is decent. It reminds me of Joe Maduira’s Battlechasers work. Not as polished, but the style is similar. He’s got a good grasp of storytelling as the panels flow smoothly with no noticeable jumps in the action. There are no “gaps” in the reading. He does a good job of capturing the essence of a frightened 9 year old girl and his Bjor in armor is very detailed. I like that he gave Bjor a wooden helmet, that’s a nice touch.

Abiding Perdition #1 receives
4 out of 5

A good new version of Red Riding Hood.

Learn more about 1821 Comics and buy the Abiding Perdition TPB at the publisher’s website.

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