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Gojo Entertainment Presents #2
Published on Sunday, February 27, 2011 by

Published by: Gojo Entertainment
Written by: Diorgo Jonkers
Art by: Various
Colors: Various
Letters: Blambot
Cover Art: Pasquale Qualano w/ David Delanty

Gojo Entertainment Presents (or GEP) is an anthology series. It comes from the publisher, Gojo Entertainment, out of South Africa.

GEP suffers from the same problem that all anthology series do, there are good stories and there are bad stories. All these stories are written and created by Diorgo Jonkers. The nice thing is that they cover the spectrum. Noir crime dramas, super heroes, martial artists, morality fables and others. The bad thing is that each only offers a taste.

This would have been better if some of the stories had been left out and others expanded.

Sensory, for example, with art by Melinda Timpone is extremely interesting. I like the idea of a character that can’t feel a thing. I’m intrigued to see how and why someone would be interested in her for a super team. She’s not invunerable. She just has no sense of touch. I would have liked to have seen this expanded more, to have gotten and been given more of this story.

There are a couple of others that really got my interest, but there’s just not enough here to really grab the attention and hold it. The concept is very nice but the stories are so short.

For some of the concepts it works. “Monster Buddy” and “Icky Fable” are both good little tales. These are stories that are meant to be short and told in only a page or two. That Jonkers does them in different styles and genres makes them better. Icky Fable could have just been about anyone getting on a bus, but making it in a fantasy setting and drawing in all the characters and even the bus made out of wood, just gives the story that more of an impact.

But then again it doesn’t for some of the others. “Widowmaker” is a good introduction, but again could have been so much better with more pages. I really enjoyed the style of Michael Smith on Widowmaker and would have enjoyed more.

There is definately some good material in this anthology, and even the concept of the anthology could work, if there was more pages given over to the stories. Having one of two main stories, and one or two couple pages like “Icky Fable”, would really have helped this book. I could see it having the old “Marvel Comics Present” kind of feel.

For more information on Gojo Entertainment and GEP, as well as to purchase the books, follow the link to the companie’s website.

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