The GeeksverseHerculian #1 – Advanced Review

Herculian #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, February 28, 2011 by

Another exciting Golden Age homage from Erik Larsen complete with Guy Talk back dropping a hero slug fest, Cheeseburgerhead, Reggie the Veggie, Don Drake, Joe’s Jukebox, and Mickey Maus. Larsen’s lines are great throughout this book to capture the Golden Age feel.

The lettering however, leaves a little to be desired on the 24 page Guy Talk (featured on the cover). This isn’t bad for a 24 hour comic. 24 pages in 24 hours have to cut corners somewhere and the shaky lettering is forgivable. The story is good.

After the 24 hour comic, Guy Talk, the irreverent Golden Age anthology.

Preview this anthology elsewhere on the Pryde. Herculian #1 joins other Image Releases on 3-2-11. This is a fun comic to watch for coming later in the week. This follows in the tradition of Silver Streak #24 comic that Larsen and company put together as an homage to the Golden Age.

Herculian is probably more irreverent than any of the Golden Age Larsen books to date. A good example is Mickey Maus, a spoof of Mickey Mouse in a concentration camp ala Art Spiegelman’s Maus. This one page comic is satire and insult at the same time. Golly.

Like all Erik Larsen comics, minor characters and designs are snuck into the backgrounds. This is a great comic for Larsen fans and scholars more so than fans of the Golden Age. Unlike the other Golden Age format installments, this comic is more joke than old characters. A great book for Larsen fans to keep seeing the edges of the Larsen world.

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