The GeeksverseLucid #4 – Advanced Review

Lucid #4 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, February 28, 2011 by

Created & Written by: Michael McMillian
Illustrated by: Anna Wieszczyk
Letters: Shawn DePasquale
Cover Art: Anna Wieszczyk
Editor: Paul Morrissey

The final issue of the first volume of Lucid and we are finally given a reason for the name of the title, Lucid. Agent Matthew Dee makes reference to it on the second to last page. It makes sense, now that it’s been described.

This was a fun series. I enjoyed the world, the premise and the characters. The last issue isn’t as good as the others though. It seems rushed in a couple of spots, like McMillian took two issues and squeezed them together. I wonder how much more impactful and better the ending would have been if this had been a 5 issue mini-series instead of 4.

It’s not bad, by any means. It’s a nice and satisfying conclusion to the first arc. Most of the issues are wrapped up and we’re given some new mysteries to look forward. The status quo, where the series started, has been changed, which is what you want to happen in a mini-series. You want the mini-series to have meaning on the world of the book and this one definately does.

Lucid was a good series. It’s an interesting world and the series was well crafted. The different pieces didn’t seem to go together and we were left to solve the mystery with Agent Dee and the twist was definately one that I didn’t see coming. McMillian did a great job on keeping us guessing and still able to surprise us.

Wieszczyk’s art grew on me over the course of the series. I’m not a big fan of manga art but I enjoyed that she only used the style of the characters and not the exaggeration of the rest of the style. It made for a good looking book. She did a good job with the spell effects and her storytelling and layouts were fairly decent.

This issue did suffer from a couple of hard to follow sequances, but I think it might have had more to do with the rushed nature of the script then the art choices. I hope to see more of her work in the future and hop she remains on any future volumes of Lucid.

Of which I hope there are more.

Lucid #4 receives
4 out of 5

A decent wrap up to the mini-series that leaves us satisfied and wanting more.

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