The GeeksverseThe Intrepids #1 – Advanced Review

The Intrepids #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, February 28, 2011 by

Created & Written by: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Created & Art by: Scott Kowalchuk
Colors: Justin Scott
Letters: Frank Zigarelli
Cover Art: Kowalchuk

The concept is pretty interesting. A mysterious scientist named Dante took in 4 orphans from the street and gave them powers and now they use those powers to track down and stop mad scientists across the world.

The story opens with Crystal Crow. The narration is by her and it’s only at the beginning that we get any. She talks about life on the streets and how it wasn’t a white knight that saved her, but Dante. There are a couple of flashbacks where we see what life was like for Crystal, called Ms. Crow by Dante, and the training she underwent. Her augmentation is optical, allowing her to hit what she aims at.

There are a couple of scenes where we are reminded that these are supposed to be children that Dante has augmented for his crusade. Wiebe does a good job of providing us with a Dante that is equal parts Professor X and equal parts Magneto. We’re not quite sure what to think of the man. In a couple of scenes he comes across as pretty creepy and you have to wonder what else he’s done to the kids besides augmentation. In a couple of others he comes across as cold and unfeeling, not caring about them and only caring about what they can do for him and his crusade. And a couple of times he comes across as the caring father figure.

Which is the real Dante?

The kids, the Intrepids, are an interesting mix. We don’t get a complete picture of any of them, or really what all their augmentations are. We get to see them in action, get a taste of what their world is like. That world is slightly odd and looks like it’ll be will be a wild ride.

Wiebe starts the series off with action. We watch them on a mission and then we learn about them. We’re giving bits and pieces, but not the whole of each of the cast. The mood has been set and what seems like a pretty straightforward premise, to the kids at least, we know is going to have some twists and turns.

The one negative is about the kids themselves. How old are they? Are they adults? They act like it in a couple of scenes, but in others they act like adults. It’s hard to get a handle on the ages. Ms. Crow and Rose seem older. Chester is hard to pin down and Doyle seems like a giant kid. A bit more clarification on the ages would be helpful.

The entire series as a feel like a 60s spy movie.

And the art definately helps complete the feel. The style, the look, seems like it comes straight out of the 60s spy movies. Kowalchuk captures the feel of that time/genre perfectly. He’s got a nice and clean style, uncluttered. The characters are all unique, each having defining characteristics.

The only negative is it’s hard to determine accurate ages. They call themselves kids, or at least a couple of them, and Dante refers to them that way, but it’s hard to pin them down by the art.

It’s not a large negative, the series is still a good read.

The Intrepids #1 receives
4 out of 5

A good start to what should be a fun mini-series.

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