The GeeksverseDarkwing Duck Annual #1 – Advanced Review

Darkwing Duck Annual #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by

Ian Brill teams up with the Darkwing Duck creator, Tad Stones, to put together the first ever Darkwing Duck annual available on 3-2-11. Tad Stones has a back up story that joins the main Quackerjack tale, penned by Ian Brill, which begs the question: Who doesn’t love a clown?

Annuals are tricky in terms of continuity. Brill’s mini series, summer 2010, was followed by issues 1-9 of the regular series which are happening in rapid succession. One issue leads neatly into the next which will make this series a treat in trade paper back collections. Looking back at the previous dozen installments of the masked mallard’s titular comic, a few Quackerjack hints were thrown, but not many. Issue 9, which shipped recently, takes Darkwing on a team up with Steelbeak against F.O.W.L and Duckuthula. All of that tight time line leaves the adult reader wondering where this Quackerjack tale takes place.

The first tale references the Megavolt in Duck Knight Returns collection, so this must have happened after that. This story flashes back to the reign of Quackwerks, but explains itself well enough that having read the miniseries collection is not required.

Overall the annual could take place between #8 & #9, although it could happen at any point past the miniseries. In the end it doesn’t matter because this is a fun story set.

“Toy With Me”
Writer: Ian Brill
Artist: Sabrina Alberghetti
Colorist: Lisa Moore
Letterer: Deron Bennet

Two Words: Molecular Digitizer! ’nuff said for you Darkwing Duck buffs that should bring back a few Whiffle Boy flashbacks. Besides being an allusion to the TV show, this comic story opens with an ode to 16 bit game play. Classic. World of Whifflecraft joke is worth the price of admission. Pick this annual up, because for Quackerjack, “It’s Playtime!”

“The Untimely Terror of the Time Turtle”
Writer: Tad Stones
Artist: James Silvani
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Letter: Deron Bennet

Tad Stones writes a Gosalyn Duck tale. Gosalyn wants a pet which her father doesn’t immediately want. Trouble ensues. Of course a Gosalyn pet shop story wouldn’t be the same without time travel and mayhem. The art by James Silvani makes the wacky Gosalyn story work in the new Boom! style versus the older look of the Classics Vol 1 trade.

Punch! Ba-Doom! Ouch!
The annual ends with a note from Tad Stones on the origin of the masked mallard. Discuss the annual, and I hope it will become an annual, on the Pryde Forum.

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