The GeeksverseThe Walking Dead Weekly #9 – Advanced Review

The Walking Dead Weekly #9 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by

On time reprinting bringing the hit Walking Dead comic back to comic book shelves in 2011 rolls on. It feels curious to do an advanced review on a reprint which has been sitting on my shelf in trade for a while. #9 finds Tony Moore relegated to covers and Charlie Adlard on pencils with Clif Rathburn on grey tones. It is a good combination that helped the comic stick closer to a schedule, although not perfectly, so many years ago.

#9 takes place in the first community that the band of survivors tried to stay in. The community was a gated subdivision that was seemingly empty when the group arrived. Lori is waking up Rick in the morning at the beginning of the comic. This issue has a great horde scene of roamers. This several issues before other characters will start naming the herd, but the concept is clearly present even in the early issues.

If you haven’t read this in trade publication yet, then this is a great comic. This issue takes place in trade paperback volume 2: Miles Behind Us. It can be nice to get a clearer image on single issue pacing because the trades work so well that picking out particular issues can be tricky.

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