The GeeksverseCarbon Grey #1 – Advanced Review

Carbon Grey #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by

Story by: Hoang Nguyen, Khari Evans, Paul Gardner and Mike Kennedy
Script by: Paul Gardner
Art by: Khari Evans, Kinsun Loh & Hoang Nguyen
Letters: Paul Gardner
Cover Art: Hoang Nguyen

I really wanted to like this book. I really did. I don’t know why. The idea seemed interesting. And there is alot to like about this book, it’s just too bad that there is much more to dislike.

The script works, and is probably the best part of this book. It has a lyrical quality in alot of places. It gets bogged down in a couple of others, but for the most part the script is very strong. The opening, telling the history of the Sisters Grey, is extremely good, except there is a “but” involved and it goes along with the biggest issue of this book.

We have no idea what is going on. We’re giving this excellant narrative history of the Sisters Grey and the Kaiser, who seems to rule this world, and we’re shown a scene of someone that has just killed the Kaiser. We learn later that she’s one of the Sisters Grey. The narrative structure of the opening sequance is impressive, except it doesn’t translate to the printed page. It’s hard to follow what is going on. We see the murder and the escape, and then we see a girl laying in a pool of blood and bodies.


The two scenes don’t go together. We’re not given an introduction to any of these characters. Is Eva, the one that killed a general and chancellor, one of the sisters? Who is the girl that sleeps with the captain, only to find out that he’s not the captain they were looking for? Who is the one eyed general with the fox cloak that can see through the eyes of the dead?

None of these events go together. None of it works together. We’re thrown into a world without any description. We know there’s a Kaiser and 14 Sisters Grey, a family of assassins that has worked for the Kaiser for 300 years, who are descended from the nation’s great hero. We know there’s a war going on. But with who and for what? We’re told that instead of the normal 3 Sisters Grey, that there are four now, there was a set of twins. But who are they?

I thought Giselle was the redhead? But it was a blond that killed the Kaiser. That’s just one part of the story that doesn’t make sense. It’s a shame, because the opening narrative shows that the creative team is capable of really good things. They just don’t deliver in this first issue.

The art team, which if you read the back piece by Nguyen, is interesting. The book looks good. It’s got strong manga influences, and thankfully the super-breasts on the brunette were fake and for a purpose. I saw those and my impression of this book instantly sank pretty low. They did manage to redeem themselves.

I’m not the biggest manga fan, but I did enjoy the art in this issue. For the most part. The art looks good but it doesn’t flow good. There’s alot of jumping and gaps in the storytelling. It doesn’t mesh well with the script and leads to some jarring moments that are extremely hard to follow.

Carbon Grey receives
2 out of 5

I’m disappointed. The potential is there for a great story but the execution is flawed.

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