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Doc Solar Man of the Atom #5
Published on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by

Jim Shooter’s valiant has long held a fond spot in the psyche of 90s comic book fans. The return of Jim Shooter and the Valiant characters Doctor Solar and Magnus was met with initial praise and wariness.

Michael Komarck Cover

“Revelation Part One: The Day of Wrath”
Script Jim Shooter
Art Roger Robinson
Colors Wes Dzioba
Lettering Blambot

“It’s hard to believe that a man can do these things!” Sure, it;s frustrating when one man with a nuclear emblem on his chest appears unstoppable. The scene of the crime is Shokan, NY Atom Valley Nuclear Laboratory where a fusion reactor has been tampered with which could have ended the world. Tanek Nuro is a villain of unbelievable cruelty who wants to be unmatched.

The characterization of Tanek Nuro is over the top. He uses a naked woman as a punching bag. That is he hangs her by her hands and uses her for his boxing workouts as if they are disposable. Nuro’s assistant, Choudhury, thinks that the Myanmar family that sold the punching bag would be happy with a bonus for the life of their daughter. Absolutely villainous without any grace of subtly.

Doctor Solar, a man in his fifties, is now passing for his 30s because of his recent reactor power up, although he can also change into a super suit and fly which is much more impressive.

The first of the two stories in issue #5 pits absolute good against evil. Power corrupts and power can kill.

“Solar Rise Part One: Saboteur”
Script Jim Shooter
Art and Colors Agustin Alessio
Letters Blambot

The second story is part one of the origin of the Man of the Atom.

The two stories work well to fill in the story of Doctor Solar. The stories interweave with one another.

Doctor Solar is still valiant at Dark Horse Comics.

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