The GeeksverseIrredeemable #23 – Advanced Review

Irredeemable #23 – Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by

Mark Waid’s anti-Superman is still flying high in Irredeemable. Scylla, the Survivor’s dead twin brother, has secrets revealed! Elsewhere, the Plutonian’s off-world imprisonment comes to a violent climax. Power is shifting. Ghosts of the past are still haunting the shattered world of Irredeemable #23.

Art duties were split between Peter Krause and Diego Barreto
Writer Mark Waid
Colors Andrew Dalhouse
Letter Ed Dukeshire
Covers (3 total) Scott Clark, Diego Barreto, Dave Beaty, and Darrin Moore

While this is a clear presentation of Mark Waid’s vision for the world terrorizing super hero, the split art duties are not readily noticeable. The colors and script help blend together the dual art duties.

The intertwining of superheroic Plutonian with present snapped Plutonian helps provide the psychological thrill ride that is this comic.

Meanwhile on earth the rebuilding is underway. Heroes are rebuilding the Paradigm Headquarters. Supervillains are still taking Survivor up on amnesty but it comes with a cost. Burrows is forced to call in a cal of good faith. Burrows has forced an entire town into mass suicide, but does not want to do what is asked of him in this comic.

The juxtaposition of Plutonian meeting Alana, as Tom, against a disoriented off-world Plutonian being turned into a humpthing by alien servants is a funny touch to this heavy action comic.

Take a peek at the preview here on the Pryde, and then head to the Pryde Forum to discuss Irredeemable and all things Boom! Studios. This comic will be available on 3-2-11 at your local comic book shop.

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