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Spiderman Turn Off the Dark Trying to Turn on the Lights
Published on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by

Washington Post is mentioning the Spiderman musical, which seems to be on time with the media blitz that the show is currently holding. The cast will be doing a featured musical number on Letterman tonight. This morning three cast members are on CBS Early Show.

Opening Day keeps getting postponed because of technical problems and injuries.

Peter Parker is the only character out of the three that I recognize by name on the morning show. Neither of the two women were Mary Jane.

The three cast members have described it as a beautiful show which has something from everyone. The cast is questioning reviews rather than questioning their shows. Reeve Carney, Peter Parker, says they get a kick out of the negativity and that they are still trying to make the best show that they can. Carney says the audience reaction is positive every night. The theater sidewalk is a buzz with this show. By the stage door the audience is positive as they wait on autographs.

T.V. Caprio says that in 2007 she was in Rent, but left the show because she suffered a concussion even without flying. She pointed out that since Rent did not have the flying her concussion went without notice.

March 15th may be the opening of this show. They have been told that is a hard and firm date. The cast reads about delays in the newspaper. The lack of communication is probably bothering.

The typical Broadway show has 30 preview showings. Spiderman hits the 90th preview show this weekend.

This show is facing the same basic complaints as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express, which was an over the top follow up to Cats and Phantom of the Opera. Starlight Express is light on story (but so it Cats) featuring people on roller blades dressed as trains rolling around doing stunts. Starlight Express may not be a great narrative, but it is a fun night of entertainment.

Disney, the new parent company of Marvel Comics, has revitalized Broadway in the past. Despite the bad reviews, Spiderman Turn Off the Dark may be the next change in technical production value for Broadway. This could go down in history as a landmark show for special effects. Only time will tell.

Spiderman has flying, stunts, wild sets, and bad reviews but I would watch it if I were in NY. I doubt it will ever make it to having a traveling show. Discuss your thoughts on Pryde Forum.

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