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Usagi Yojimbo #135
Published on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 by

Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo refaces the Lord of Owls in issue #135. Japanese tradition meets anamorphic characters in the long running comic.

Created & Written & Illustrated Stan Sakai
Front Cover Tom Luth

Once a loyal retainer until his lord’s death in battle Miyamoto Usagi is now an unemployed ronin walking the warrior’s pilgrimage, in search of harmony. Years ago, Usagi encountered the Lord of Owls, a samurai who can see an adversary’s death in their eyes, fating them to die. Though they parted peaceably that time, the Lord of Owls told Usagi they would one day meet as enemies. Issue 135 “The Return of the Lord of Owls” completes the fated circle.

The Lord of Owls enters as a mad man. Five heroes from the recent battle confront the Lord of Owls on the street after celebrating. The heroes take the Lord of Owls as a braggart and a lunatic until he proves himself by the sword. Or at least that is the tale that is told to Usagi under a tree to instruct him. It causes Usagi to recall his own encounter with the Lord of Owls.

Everyone must travel these mountains. The peace loving ronnin and his guide are crossing a physical challenge and are met with a spiritual challenge as they must make choices. Usagi, who knows that he is fated to die at the hands of the Lord of Owls must attempt to put a stop to the death and destruction that the Lord is ravaging on the mountains.

Since Robert Kirkman has won acclaim for creating a long running zombie tale, then Stan Sakai should win equal acclaim for creating a long running samurai tale. This story began in 1987. Issue #135 does a great job of both standing alone as a stand alone tale and being part of the overall story. The long story telling is evident in the return of the Lord of Owls. Interestingly, this tale explains itself well enough that new readers can come into the world without hesitation.

Take a peek, then head to your local comic book shop and check out the latest issues. #135 is on comic shop shelves now. Discuss all thing Usagi Yojimbo on the Pryde Forums.

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