The GeeksverseAxe Cop practically reviews itself (#1 of 3)

Axe Cop practically reviews itself (#1 of 3)
Published on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 by

Webcomics don’t always stay on the Web. Axecop is an internet comic that has been printed by Darkhorse Comics.The cover says it all: Axe wielding cop jumping a car with a dinosaur type lizard man shooting madly out the window. What else would you expect from a comic called Axecop?

AxeCop 1 of 3 is a fun loving comic book that does not take itself to seriously and others should not either. The creative team is unique in its youthfulness. The writer is only six years old but surprisingly that works.

Story By Malachai Nicolle (Age 6)
Pencils, Inks, Lettering Ethan Nicolle (Age 30)
Colors by Dirk Erik Schulz (Age 27)

The art has a crisp cartoony look with heavy lines and nice colors. The connection between the cop and his axe is apparent.

The climax is a bit forced and the resolution is not the strongest, but it has machine gun armed dinosaurs eating cars and being shot at by jets. It is that kind of book.

I like the dreadnok looking bad guys that are searching for the invisible lab, and are struggling with finding an invisible lab. Soldiers in prison and villains on the rampage leaves plenty of room for the second and third print comic installment. Overall the character designs are completely over the top, from the talking axe, to the pig like short order cook. Even background characters have a cartoony charm.

Look for this oddly youthful adventure story online or at your local comic book shop. Anymore questions? Ask Axe Cop. Then discuss all things Dark Horse on the Pryde Forum.

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