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Powerbots by Mattel
Published on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 by
Around 1985 Mattel produced the Powerbots toy line. The toyline was made from Bandai’s Winch Robo line and only consisted of two figures, Flybot & Towbot. Both of these were released in Europe as part of the Robo Machine line (The European version of Go-Bots)

Flybot looks similar to Transformers Whirl but has a more striking resemblance to Twister from the Gobots Secret Riders subline. Flybot stands about 8 inches tall & has a fairly simplistic transformation. he comes with two guns but his biggest feature is his motorization.

There are two switches, one operates the winch and depending on if Flybot is in vehicle or Robot mode, the other operates the rolling/walking action and the helicopter blades. In robot mode the switch with operate an off-center tumbler in the feet that simulates walking, In vehicle mode the wheels on the bottom roll and the helicoper blades spin. While this switch in on, you can then turn on the other switch to reel in the winch.


Towbot is based on a Toyota Hilux (apparently this was a popular truck model in the early 80’s as there were robots that transformed into this truck in almost every toy line) Towbot stands just over 9 1/2 inches tall and his transformation is very simplistic. As far as I know he doesn’t come with any guns.

Towbot has basically the same features as Flybot (sans the rotating helicopter blades) One of the other differences is that the switch for the winch is hidden. It’s actually the bar the winch rope goes through on the truck grill.

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