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Wulf #1
Published on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 by

Written by: Steve Niles
Pencils and Inks by: Nat Jones
Colors by: Mai
Letters by: Richard Emms
Cover Art: Nat Jones
Editor-In-Chief: Mike Grell

This is a hard story to get a bead on. There’s not much to it. It’s a quick read and there’s no substance. The main character, Wulf, only gets a handful of words. Eleven words total. Thats it.

We’re told that his world is dying and we have a spectacular two page spread of the meteors hitting his world. We’re told he’ll meet his impending death as a warrior and help those out in need. We get about the same on Sanjon, the villian. We see him performing a ritual to his gods, putting on a gruesome spiked mask, and then we see him escape through a door.

We get more of a backstory on Lomax, the cop, that encounters Sanjon and then is pulled through the door by Wulf. We don’t know if it’s the same world, just different times, or different realities or what. We know nothing.

This first issue really should have focused on Wulf and his world more. We don’t get anything on him and it causes the work to suffer. Why should we care about this character? He’s a warrior with a sword. What else is there to him?

It’s not even a “stranger in a strange world” story, at least not yet, as Lomax is dragged to Wulf’s world and not Wulf to Lomaxs.

The entire thing lacks substance. There is nothing here to grasp onto, or make us want to learn more.

Nat Jones does the pencils and inks but it has the look of straight pencils to colors. It’s not bad at all. Too much of the story is taking up be double page spreads, but at least they look good. Jones does a good job rendering Wulf.

Jones does well with the details on Wulf, the links in the chain mails, the dents in the shield. It’s just a shame the rest of the world isn’t shown. The backgrounds are as plain as can be. Sanjon lacks definition except for the head and the spiked mask. We don’t even get a good idea of what he is wearing. The tentacles that attack Wulf after Sanjon’s transformation are formless. Are they smoke, flesh, something else?

Jones layouts are decent, but there’s not much to work with in this story.

Wulf #1 receives
2.5 out of 5

The first issue lacks any substance at all. There’s nothing to latch onto to make us want to learn more.

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