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Batman Beyond #3
Published on Thursday, March 3, 2011 by

50 years from whenever now is, I plan on enjoying a world of floating motorcycles, outrageous villains, and superheroes that are human judgment and technology mixed together in a revitalized Neo-Gotham. Because that is a time and place that is a lot of fun to read about in the present now.

Batman Beyond #3 finishes the arc “The Heart of the Matter” Part 3 of 3 “Collateral Damage.” Last issue ended with Matter Master revealing himself to a stunned Justice League with a statuesque Terry’s mom and twerp brother. The third issue opened there with the terror stricken frozen faces of Terry’s family transformed into statues by Matter Master. Luckily, as he usually does, Bruce kept his cool and Terry eventually listens.

Batman saves the hostages and uses the Justice League as a distraction. Barda, War Hawk, Aquagirl, and the littlest Green Lantern all try to get their punches in with Matter Master changing matter around them. Terry learns the importance of team work. In the end, the Justice League once again offers membership to the newest Batman and he…READ AND FIND OUT!

Meanwhile, back at the Batcave, Bruce is tuned into Terry as well as watching TV. Reports are coming in that Dick Grayson was once Nightwing. The public outing follows the recent revival of Hush. That is a foreshadowing of a plot wrinkle to come. Bruce says it is a problem for another time.

Meanwhile, a pissed of Dana returns home on the scooter she zoomed off on last issue when she was fed up waiting for Terry. Dana’s mom tells her that her brother is getting out soon which couples with ominous art to set up a tense mood. I don’t know Dana’s brother. He is either a new character or a character that I don’t recall from after school cartoon time. Either way he’s new to the ongoing comic series so the future will tell what role he’ll play in the social life and Batlife of Terry McGinnis.

This issue does a great job wrapping up the Matter Master story arc and introducing story elements that will bear fruit later. This issue may not be the best jumping on point if you’ve missed the last eight issues (counting the miniseires) because it references almost all of them. However, this is a strong continuation of the ongoing story. The miniseries was plagued by a convoluted reveal that is absent in this story arc. This faster three part arc delivers the goods as a stronger work by Adam Beecher. I hope the next arc keeps up that momentum.

This story arc may hold the key to why they picked the out of sequence material to reprint in the 100 page Batman Beyond reprint spectacular recently. While I still personally prefer the art from the 90s comic series, because it matched the cartoon, this issue has nice consistent work by penciller Ryan Benjamin and inker Jon Sanisci.

I was excited to see this on the comic shop shelf as a new release. I was not disappointed in my purchase and am eagerly awaiting more. Now, if they would just reprint the 90s comics so that I don’t have to start raiding back issue bins…

Next issue: “Legends of the Dark Knight: Max”

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