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In the 1980’s, if you liked the Transformers toy line, or if any of your relatives
thought you liked them, chances are you’ve had contact with a toy from
the Convertors toy line.

Distributed by toy company Select from 1984 – 1985, the Convertors toy
line was composed of 2 Series made up from 8 different main catagories
with 4 sub catagories:

Series 1
Motorized Defender (Sub Catagory)
Super Defender
Jumbo Defender
Mini Motorized Maladroid (Sub Catagory)
Mini Bot

Series 2
New Spies (Sub Catagory)
American Mini Bot (Sub Catagory)

A majority of the Convertors line came from molds made by the toy
company, Mark. Mark originally got to make these molds from a deal
they had with Japanese toy maker, Takatoku to make small, cheaper
quality toys of many of Takatoku’s toy lines like Macross, Orguss and
Dorvack. When Takatoku went out of business, they sold many of their
molds to Bandai who then licensed them out to Hasbro for the
Transformers line. Through a legal loop hole, Mark was able to keep
the molds they made and use them however they wished. They licesed
them out to Select and thus we have the Convertors.


The Defenders catagory is where we see a lot of the Takatoku designs.
These include designs from the series Sasuraiger & Dorvack. You’ll
reconize a couple of these since Hasbro used two of the Dorvack
designs for their Roadbuster & Whirl Deluxe Transformers. The 3
Dorvack designed Defenders also had military recolored versions. There
was a black version of Chopper while Wheels & Tanker got olive drab
paint jobs and military-like stickers.
Including the recolors, there were 11 Robots in the Defender catagory.
The 4 boats are part of the Motorized Defender sub catagory and appear
to be the only ones with no accessories. They were “motorized” by the
use of friction motors.

Argonaut – Transforms into a Boat
Atlantis – Transforms into a Boat
Cpt. Nemo – Transforms into a Battleship
Neptune – Transforms into a Battleship
First Track – Transforms into a Train
Chopper – Transforms into a Helicopter
Tanker – Transforms into a Tank
Wheels – Transforms into a Jeep
Black Chopper – Transforms into a Helicopter
Military Tanker – Transforms into a Tank
Military Wheels – Transforms into a Jeep
The Super Defenders were not part of the Takatoku designs but were
still based on another Japanese anime called Super High Speed Galvion.
There were 4 Robots in this catagory that all turned into cars. None
of the Super Defenders came with accessories, but they did come with 4
trading cards each.
Monty Carlo
There was only one Robot in the Jumbo Defender catagory. It stands 8-9
inches tall and includes a gun
Bull – Transforms into a Bulldozer
The Maladroid catagory is were we see the rest of the Takatoku designs
from Macross & Orguss. There were also recolors in this catagory
though they weren’t as theme specific as the Defenders military
recolors, these seem very random. Including all the recolors, there
are 12 Robots in this catagory. Just like the Defender catagory, there
are 4 Robots in the sub catagory, Mini Motorized Maladroid. These were
super deformed versions of the Valkyries from Macross. All but the
SDF-1 included accessories (though it did have removable parts)
Nofka – Transforms into a Spaceship
SDF-1 – Transforms into a Spaceship
Sunyak – Transforms into a Spaceship
Zardak – Transforms into a Jet
Zark – Transforms into a Jet
Meeshak – Transforms into a Super Deformed Jet
Mooriah – Transforms into a Super Deformed Jet
Turak – Transforms into a Super Deformed Jet
Volcan – Transforms into a Super Deformed Jet
Black Nofka – Transforms into a Spaceship
Red Sunyak – Transforms into a Spaceship
Red Zark – Transforms into a Jet
The Mini Bots were from Mark’s Robo Car line that is very similar to
Go-Bots & Takara’s Diaclone line (Which later became the mini bots
from Transformers) There were 4 Robots in the catagory during 1984
that transformed into contempory Japanese cars.
City – Transforms into a Honda City Turbo
Sports – Transforms into a Toyota
Van – Transforms into a Onebox Vanette
Wagon – Transforms into a Toyota Hilux
The Spies were from another Mark line called Gokin Robo. These are
similar to Takara’s Microchange line which gave us Transformers like
Soundwave & Megatron. Unlike the Microchange line, the Spies were not
in a 1:1 ratio, they were about 1/4 the size of the real world objects
they transformed into.
Cassette – Transforms into a Stereo
Colt – Transforms into a Browning M1190 Pistol
Focus – Transforms into a Camera
Zoom – Transforms into a pair of Binoculars
1985 brought around the second year of Convertors. This year we got
two new catagories and two sub catagories to supplement the exsisting
The Avarians catagory had 5 Robots that each transformed into a winged
creature. Each Avarian also came with a sword accessory. Unlike the
previous year, this catagory doesn’t apprear to be influenced by
anything & is completely original

Calypso – Transforms into a Parrot
Feathers – Transforms into a Peacock
Hoot – Transforms into an Owl
Rex – Transforms into an Eagle
Robat – Transforms into a Bat
The Insectors catagory is made up of 5 Robots. Two of which (Crawler &
Morphus) are from Takatoku designs for the Beetras series. The others
appear to be original designs. All of the Insectors came with a gun.
Crawler – Transforms into a Stag Beetle
Creeper – Transforms into a Beetle
Morphus – Transforms into a Wasp
Scorpio – Transforms into a Scorpion
Tenticus – Transforms into a Tarantula
The New Spies catagory continues the trend of robots turning into real
world objects, this time with a game theme as all the robots turn into
gambling machines & a cash register. There are 5 Robots in this
catagory, none of them had accessories. All of the robots had an
action feature that allowed you to play with them as if they were real
gaming machines.
Bandit – Transforms into a Slot Machine
Cash – Transforms into a Cash Register
Spin – Transforms into a black Roulette Machine
Tilt – Transforms into a Pinball Machine
Vegas – Transforms into a red Roulette Machine
The American Mini Bot catagory is composed of 5 Robots that all
transformed into contempory American cars. All of these appear to have
2-3 variants each in the color of the robot’s chest and seem to be all
original designs. None of the robots came with accessories.
Baron – Transforms into a Chrysler LeBaron
Bird – Transforms into a Pontiac Firebird
Vette – Transforms into a Corvette Stingray
Voyager – Transforms into a Plymouth Voyager
Wagon – Transforms into a Toyota 4 Runner
Like many 80’s toylines, there was also a playset. The playset appears
to be more of a playmat of a city with a few small scalled structures.
It was offered in the 1985 JC Penneys christmas catalog and had 8
figures included with it. The 8 figures were all of the Avarians &
Insectors with the exception of two: Creeper & Feathers.
Also like many 80’s robot toylines, there were a lot of Knock Offs of
Convertors over the years. Which is a little funny since many people
consider Convertors themselves, knock offs. Many of them were really
well done and are hard to distinquish from the originals, in some
cases even the stickers are similar. While there are others who are
clearly knock offs as the plastic is cheaper & the details are
muted/simplified. The Convertors line has had knock offs as recently
as 2010 in the Quick Change toy line.
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