The Geeksverse5 Ronin #1: Wolverine

5 Ronin #1: Wolverine
Published on Friday, March 4, 2011 by

Written by: Peter Milligan
Art by: Tomm Coker
Colored by: Daniel Freedman
Lettered by: VC's Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: A- David Aja; B- John Cassaday
Editor: Sebastian Girner

The idea behind this series sounded pretty good at first glance, redefining some of the Marvel heroes as masterless samurai. But like so many good ideas, it loses something in the execution.

Wolverine, a modernday ronin, who tries to follow the samurai code, seems a natural for this story. And he should be. Except Milligan’s story is confusing, meandering and doesn’t make any sense.

Three, and more, Wolverines? Huh?

And the script. I don’t think “ain’t” is a word that was used in ancient Japan. The story is hard to follow. It should start to make sense once we see that there are two wolverines, but at that point it’s even more confusing. The narration doesn’t fit in with the world and time that is being depicted.

Even the conversations between the characters doesn’t flow or read well. It’s hard to follow.

It’s a shame because this could have been really good.

The only saving grace for this story is Tomm Coker’s art. I’ve been a Coker fan for awhile and his style fits the tone of the story. He’s got a strong grasp of storytelling and his layouts are nice. He breaks the panel in a couple of spots for great effect. The panels flow smoothly, no jumps in the pacing.

His figures are rough looking, fitting the style and darkness of the story.

5 Ronin #1: Wolverine receives
2 out of 5

Good art can’t save a confusing story.

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