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All-Star Superman Blu-Ray Review
Published on Friday, March 4, 2011 by

“All-Star Superman” Blu-Ray Review

by RedBlueBlur
When I first heard that DC’s next animated original movie was an adaptation of Grant Morrison’s “All-Star Superman”, I was less than whelmed to say the least. Grant Morrison’s work in recent years has increasingly become more and more an acquired taste and admittedly his work has repeatedly left a bad taste in my mouth.
In 2006, DC Comics launched “All-Star Superman” and Frank Miller’s “All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder”. The “All-Star” book line was originally designed to be DC’s answer to Marvel’s ultra-popular “Ultimate” comics. The books take place in their own universe and have no influence on the normal DC Universe. However, the line never really took off the way Marvel’s Ultimate series had and both book series were met with mixed reviews. (The Batman books especially took harsh criticism for scenes where Batman physically abused both Robin & Alfred and even forced Robin to eat rats in the Bat Cave).  
The “All-Star Superman” books (and film) are a throwback to the science fiction heavy Superman books of the mid-70s and to me they represent everything that people hate about Superman. He has unlimited powers, his traditional powers are increased tenfold and he was given new powers such as the ability to “project his bioelectric aura”. Also it capitalizes on the outdated notion that not only can Lois Lane not tell the difference between Superman and Clark Kent, she refuses to believe it even when Clark tells her he’s Superman and rips off his suit to reveal the costume. Even the Lex Luthor character is thrown in reverse, as he abandons his billionaire corporate tycoon persona and reverts back to generic “mad scientist” Lex.   
Like most of the recent DC Animated Movies, “All-Star Superman” is extremely loyal to the source material, in fact it is probably closer to the comic series than any of the other films. It borrows scenes and dialague directly from the comic series. The problem is that each of the 12 “All-Star Superman” comics have their own one-shot storyline, which makes the film seem scattered and lacking direction. Every 15 minutes or so it feels like your watching a different movie. One minute Superman is battling Samson & Atlas, the next he’s visiting Lex Luthor in prison & fighting Parasite, and the next he’s confronting two other survivors from Krypton.  
There are however some positives, Bruce Timm continues to prove that he is one of DC’s most valuable assets and does the best he can with the material. The animation, as always, is stellar and the film sports a tremendous voice cast of: James Denton (as Superman), Anthony LaPaglia (as Lex Luthor), Christina Hendricks (as Lois Lane) and Ed Asner (as Perry White).
The Blu-Ray contains tons of bonus features as well and features two making of documentaries. “The Creative Flow” features a look at Grant Morrisons original sketchbook for the “All-Star” comic and he explains his thought process behind a lot of the ideas. The second, and far more entertaining, documentary is called “Superman Now” where DC Publisher Dan DiDio goes into great detail about the original intent for the “All-Star” comic line and explains why it ultimately failed. It also contains lots of humorous moments where DiDio awkwardly discusses Morrison’s “genius” and Morrison awkwardly talks about living in houses made of toilet paper. (If you’ve ever wondered why Morrison’s books are so confusing, listen to the man babble on for 20+ minutes and you will wonder no more.)
Other bonus features include: The “All-Star Superman” digital comic, filmmaker commentary with Bruce Timm & Grant Morrison, and episodes of Bruce Timm’s Superman animated series. Also on the Blu-Ray is the first look at DC’s next animated film, “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” which appears to be a sequel of sorts to the 2008 “Batman: Gotham Knight” film.
Final Rating: 2 stars out of 5
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