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Smallville: Scion Review
Published on Friday, March 4, 2011 by

Smallville – Scion Review
by Dave Swan
Smallville returned tonight with episode 16 of it’s final season. Following a small hiccup last week with an all comedic episode, Smallville came back firing on all cylinders with one of it’s best episodes of the season. “Scion” was directed by Smallville mainstay and co-producer, Al Septien and featured guest stars John Glover (as Lionel Luthor) and Lucas Grabeel (as Alexander/Conner Kent).
This was a rare episode where the entire episode was driven by the guest stars. John Glover’s Lionel Luthor was the reason I fell in love with the show almost a decade ago, having him return for the final season was not only a tremendous nod to long time fans but has allowed the writers to once again show off arguably their greatest original character.
However, it was Glover’s TV “son”, Lucas Grabeel, who once again stole the show. The “High School Musical” alumni has proven that he has some serious acting chops this season. His portrayal of a young Lex Luthor in “Beacon” was so dead on that it was almost as if his body was abducted by Michael Rosenbaum. In this episode, he had a much more daunting (and historic) task as he became the first actor to bring the iconic Conner “Superboy” Kent to life.
Smallville’s Conner was very different than the Superboy we’ve seen in various animated series, including the current “Young Justice” series. Conner on Smallville is much more energetic and curious as opposed to Conner on Young Justice who is angry at the world. The more tame version seemed to fit the Smallville Universe like a glove and it makes me sad that outside of a possible cameo in the series finale, we likely won’t see the character again.
The episode’s cliffhanger ending saw the first appearance of Darkseid since his cameo at the end of the season premiere. As (Earth 2) Lionel stood over Lex’s grave he uttered that he would give anything to have Lex by his side and like clockwork, DC Universe’s Satan appeared. It now appears that Darkseid will resurrect Lex in time for the series finale on May 13th.
Smallville returns on April 15th with the episode “Kent” (featuring the return of John Schneider as Jonathan Kent and a rumored return to Earth 2) which will kick off the final 5 episodes of what has now become the longest running superhero television show in history. As fans we have a lot to look forward to including the return of DC’s real life Superman, Geoff Johns who will write his third episode for the series, “Booster” (featuring the live action debuts of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle).

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