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Dandolion Studios Announcements
Published on Sunday, March 6, 2011 by

February has been a very productive month for Dandelion Studios. Publisher and creator Rick Silva, and Dandolion Studios is very excited to announce the two most recent book releases from the Cape Cod-based comic book studio.

Kaeli & Rebecca is an ongoing fantasy comic series written by Rick Silva and illustrated by Katrina Joyner. Kaeli & Rebecca joins Perils of Picorna and Stone as the third title in Dandelion Studios’ Quarterstaff fantasy imprint. Kaeli is a priestess of Death who has taken a vow not to kill. Rebecca is a warrior born into ancient and unending conflict. From the mirrored halls of a crumbling mansion steeped in ancient magic to the wasteland lair of an immortal wizard, their quest will test the limits of their strength and stretch the boundaries of their opposing philosophies. Kaeli & Rebecca tells the story of the fight to survive when nothing but love and loyalty keeps you going. And of how sometimes, that might just be enough.

The very popular series Perils of Picorna continues with Issue #2, also released this month. Picorna has come a long way from her life as an orphan on the streets of a dirty port city. She was rescued by Sister Talavaria, a fast-rising voice in the Church, who ascended to its leadership with Picorna as her personal apprentice. This year, Talavaria is attending the King’s Autumn Court in the capitol city, and Picorna finds herself in a strange place with perils lurking at every turn. With Talavaria’s life in danger and a key advisor missing, Picorna sets out to solve a mystery that will place her on a collision course with the Church’s most deadly enemies.

In Issue 2, Picorna and Petrus find an important clue to the mystery of the vanished priestess, only to have it snatched from their grasp. Fortunately, the trail is not completely cold, and the two young acolytes soon find themselves in a race against time as they search a massive library for the information they need and their enemies begin to close in on them. Perils of Picorna #2 brings new friends, new foes, and of course plenty of new peril!

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