The GeeksverseMagus #3 – Advanced Review

Magus #3 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, March 7, 2011 by

Created by: Jon Price and David Norton
Written by: Jon Price
Art by: Rebekah Isaacs
Colored by: Charlie Kirchoff
Lettered by: Ed Dukeshire
Cover Art: Fiona Staples
Editor: Keven Gardner

Another strong issue of Magus. Price keeps the story moving at a quick pace well introducing more elements to the story. We get a former Inquisitor and we see where the magical seal was kept. With a few simple words Price does a good job of showing us what the life of a Guardian is. Well waiting for his shift to start, Jaimini has been asleep for 179,596 days and still had 3000 more days to go. Between that and the design of their chambers and their look, Price and Isaacs create an impression of age. That one man is awake for over 180,000 days and does nothing but stare at the Seal tells us alot about what the Guardians do.

Between the Guardians, the conversation between Danae and Samuel, we’re giving a backstory without having to interupt the pace of the story. It’s well done. The pace of the action continues and we learn more about the world and it’s mythos.

It’s hard to see where the story will end with only two more issues left. There seems to be alot of ground to cover. But it’ll be interesting to see how Price handles the last couple of issues.

There’s a couple of issues with the lettering in this issue. Darius is shown to say something that should have come from the fleeing mall employee. There’s also an odd use of “an” when it seems like an “a” would have worked better. They do cause momentary distractions but not enough to really take you out of the flow of the story.

Isaac’s art is fantastic. She does great with everything this story asks for. The dragon is spectacular and she does good with the action scenes. All the little details are there. She even does good with the hair curlers in the first ladie’s hair. The pages are well laid out with a good flow.

Magus #3 receives
4 out of 5

This is shaping up to be an excellant mini-series. Everyone should check it out.

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