The GeeksverseWalking Dead #82 -Advanced Review

Walking Dead #82 -Advanced Review
Published on Monday, March 7, 2011 by

Weekly doses of Walking Dead and television episodes are fun, but the main story is still plugging ahead in the upcoming Walking Dead #82.

Who lives? Who dies? How will the issue end? Read and find out on Wednesday. Why wait for the trade when the serial edition hits the comic shop stands this week?

The creative team is holding consistent. Robert Kirkman on scripts, Russ Wooten on lettering, Charlie Adlard on inks, pencils, and zombie gory goodness, and Charlie Rathburn bringing the grey tones and cover colors. This line up has been holding consistent for a long time now. One advantage to this long running creative team is that the book looks consistent. Pairing this week’s weekly reprint of the Walking Dead beside of #82 may show some differences in subtly or toning, but overall you know what you should expect from this story and visual combination.

Why did you fall in love with this series?

  • Zombie’s attacking people (this issue has it)
  • Survivors struggling with themselves (this issue has it)
  • Hoplessness (this issue has it–morbid reader that you are)
  • Interesting social dynamics (this issue has it)
  • Sex in the face of overwhelming disaster (this issue hints at the hookups from last issue)

Walking Dead #82 is a consistent piece of the long running zombie lore. Often described as Romero overlasting, this issue continues to move the story of survival forward. Even with the many Kirkman projects running at Image (with more to come) this continues to be a dependable book month after month. Jump over to the forum to discuss Walking Dead walking on in issue #82.

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