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Thunderbolts: Fear Itself
Published on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 by

As the summer kicks off, the Thunderbolts could have an unstoppable problem on their hands.

According to Marvel:

Beginning with THUNDERBOLTS #159 in June, Fear Itself insinuates itself into the struggles and adventures of Marvel’s team of villains attempting to better themselves—or at least going along for the ride—with Cain Marko, aka The Juggernaut, at the forefront of the bedlam.

“[Fear Itself] has a massive impact for Cain Marko,” shares series writer Jeff Parker. “In the next few issues, things start coming together in a way that puts Juggernaut in position for this. I expect a lot of readers to be opinionated [about this development]. Everybody seems to have their own goals for the unstoppable one.”

According to Parker, the last year of development for Cain has been preparation for his breakout in the Marvel Universe and a major moment of character definition for a man who has been both hero and villain through the years.

“The theme of fear and how it affects our choices is one we stay on [in THUNDERBOLTS],” he notes. “Juggernaut has gradually started acting like he’s really part of the team, and while that’s been a positive progression, it’s when you start to care more that you start to worry about what you can lose.”

While the focus will fall heavily on Mr. Marko and his trials, Luke Cage and the rest of the T-Bolts will not be coasting through this rollercoaster of terror.

“When you see what happens in FEAR ITSELF #2, you’ll see how majorly it affects the Thunderbolts and how they won’t be returning to ‘normal,’ whatever that is,” vows Parker. “[They will be facing] some really divisive non-stop missions. And oh—The Juggernaut!”

Written by JEFF PARKER
Penciled by KEV WALKER
Rated T+ …$2.99

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