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Northern Guard #2 Advanced Review
Published on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 by

It’s 2029, and most of humanity has been without electricity for a year because of a Russian scientist run world. One small zone survived without power: Canada. Inside this zone on the night of the blackout hundreds of people and animals awoke with new abilities. Russia is invading Canada forcing a new Cold War which means that the Northern Guard is needed.

The second issue has more high flying adventure and team building to unite the heroes in the face of the danger of the new world.

In the review of #1, Troynos said:

It’s definately an interesting concept. The characters are a strange lot. What seemed an error by the letterer, a character saying something, made perfect sense a couple panels later and was a really nice touch by Templeton. I’m eager to learn more about the cast as so far the few that got alot of face time are very interesting.

Bits of the book are a tad cliche, but the script is very strong overall. A couple of “ugh” moments, but quickly forgotten by the rest of it. Canuck might be a tad overdone though. He’s pretty bombastic and that could get annoying after a couple more issues.

Cutler’s art is strong. He’s got a decent sense of storytelling. His style reminds me a bit of Marcus To, the penciler on Red Robin, but not quite. Cutler’s is a bit softer, looking more like a cartoon.

That evaluation still holds of issue 2. The concept is fun and as freshly presented as post-apocolyptic cold war story can be presented. The cast is large but distinct. The art is consistent. The story is paced decently. This is a solid issue.

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