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Sigil #1
Published on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 by

Written by: Mike Carey
Penciled by: Leonard Kirk
Inked by: Ed Tadeo
Colored by: Guru eFX
Lettered by: Rob Steen
Cover Art: A- Jelena Djurdjevic; B- Ed McGuinness w/ Leonardo Olea
Associate Editor: Sebastian Girner
Editor: Nick Lowe

I’m glad to see Crossgen back. I loved most of those books. There was some great stuff in those pages.

Sigil is the first of two relaunched Crossgen books and the one most unlike any of previous books. Sigil was the name of one of the sci-fi stories. Meridian was the name of the title of the girl that bore the sigil on her chest. The name works for this title though, as the Sigil is shown in different locations and context, so its okay that the name is being used.

There are alot of little easter eggs in this book for fans of the original Crossgen. The old man on the first page looks alot like the old man from Meridian. The pirate ship is El Cazador and captained by Sin, which was one of Crossgen’s books.

This story is about Samantha Rey. Her mother died recently, and as we find out near the end, there was more going on with the mother then we knew. Sam dreams and in her dreams she sees many strange sights and locations. We find out that she’s traveling in a way.

Carey does a great job showing the lonliness and depression that can come about after the lose of a loved one. Sam is going through the motions. She’s not trying. She’s lost. She’s what happens to hundreds of people following a close death. Carey handles this perfectly.

The bully scenes are a bit odder though. It’s stereotypical, just with females instead of males (if you can call those women females, they are pretty manly). Those sequances aren’t as strong as the others.

The time traveling, for lack of a better word, sequances are very well done. Carey does good with Sam not knowing what is going on and the new character Woodvine (I don’t think he’s a reference to any previous Crossgen characters, I don’t remember the name) knowing Sam from the future, from what she becomes. It’s nicely handled and helps give the book the hook.

Kirk’s art is awesome. He’s got a nice and crisp line. His women look like women, not stylized or exaggerated. The bullies look a bit less on the feminine side, but it does end up working for the characters.

His Captain Sin is a bit odd. Something doesn’t seem right about her. He nails the details, but for some reason she just doesn’t work. Looks good, but it’s possible that I know what she looked like and have a hard time picturing this as the new version, which normally isn’t an issue for me.

His storytelling is top notch. His layouts flow smoothly and have nice angles and perspectives.

Sigil #1 receives
4.5 out of 5

Welcome back Crossgen. I’ve missed you.

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