The GeeksverseThe Sea Ghost is Coming to Capt’N Eli’s World

The Sea Ghost is Coming to Capt’N Eli’s World
Published on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 by

A boy in a raincoat, a rowboat, and a parrot as the beginning of a comic universe. OR It all started with root beer. Jay Piscopo’s new Sea Ghost #1 hits the stands on March 30. Contact your local comic book shop or visit

To fully understand the Sea Ghost announcement, a little background on Capt’n Eli is handy. Capt’n Eli began with the same origin as the Lone Ranger, Little Rascals, Soap Operas, Green Hornet, and Captain Midnight: product sales. In the case of Capt’n Eli, he is a young character that was pictured on root beer labels:

The young boy in the yellow raincoat was bound for something larger. The soda company, a family owned business, wanted to see the young boy as a Children’s Literature hero. The company contacted Jay Piscopo who worked to create a place mat. The first restaurant place mat was a success, however, Voltaire would have understood how the place mat became an independent comic universe. Voltaire is often quoted as closing a letter, “I am sorry I did not have time to write a shorter letter.” The quote, which has been attributed to Voltaire, Mark Twain, and others over the years points to how hard it is to create a complete character and story distilled into a space as small as a place mat. The young Capt’n and his crew of a dog a parrot became the hero of the new underwater Nemo Publications comic universe. Two graphic novels, trading cards, coloring books, action figures, and now a Sea Ghost #1 comic!

The Sea Ghost is a way for writer Jay Piscopo diving into a different area of the underwater world from Nemo Publications. Check out a preview here. Sea Ghost will be released on March 30th. Before the release date expect a review on the Kitty Pryde Small Press Sunday! Standby for Adventure!

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