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Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot by Bandai
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In 1999 Bandai released a toyline based on the Fox Kids cartoon, Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot. The line consisted of two 6″ figures and a 12″ deluxe figure.

6″ Talking Big Guy
6″ Flying Big Guy
12″ Deluxe Big Guy


Both 6″ figures were packaged on the same blister card with a different sticker on the blister denoting which figure it was. The back of the card showed all of the 6″ figures in the line. The 12″ figure came in a window box with plastic tray to hold him in place. The back of the box showed the special features of the Deluxe Big Guy and the rest of the Big Guy & Rusty toyline.


The 6″ Talking Big Guy came with a miniature Rusty the Boy Robot figure that would sit on his shoulder & a trading card. The only articulation on the Rusty figure is a rotating left arm while the Big Guy figure could rotate his head, shoulders, wrists and knees. Big Guy has a button on his chest that’s been worked into the design of the overall figure so as not to stand out. When you press the button his eyes glow red and he says one of two lines from the cartoon: “Deploy!” & “All systems at maximum.”


The 6″ Flying Big Guy came with a miniature Rusty the Boy Robot figure, a 3 piece stand to simulate flying and a trading card. Both of the trading cards that came with the 6″ figures had the same back but a different front. Flying Big Guy has the same articulation as Talking Big Guy: rotating head, shoulders, wrists & knees. The flying Rusty figure has no articulation. To simulate Big Guy flying, the figure has a switch on the back that makes a flying noise that fluctuates it’s tone depending on how you hold the figure. When Big Guy is held in an upright position the sound has an upward tone & when Big Guy is held upside down, the sound has a downward tone.


The 12″ Deluxe Big Guy figure came with a removable hand, Rusty figure (Who had removable feet) Pistol & Lt. Dwayne Hunter figure. Big Guy had a plethora of action & play features. Much like the talking Big Guy figure, the deluxe one had a button on his chest that when pressed would make his eyes light up and he’d say one of four phrases from the cartoon: “Candygram!” “This is serious business” “For the luvva mike” & “Fire in the hole!”

His right arm had a rotating wrist with a pop up gun and a rotating shoulder with two more pop out guns. The left arm had a rotating wrist elbow and shoulder. The hand could hold the pistol or you could unlatch it from the arm to plug in the Rusty figure recreating a scene from the first episode of the cartoon.

The Rusty figure could rotate his head & shoulders along with the shoe removing feature.

The back of the Big Guy figure could open up just like in the cartoon to show the cockpit with sculpted levers and a rotating viewscreen. The door had a seat with a peg in it to hold in the Lt. Dwayne Hunter figure. Lt. Hunter was 3 1/4″ tall and could rotate his head, shoulders & hips. He also had hinged knees.


There was also an unreleased fourth figure to this line. You can see on the back of all the packaging there was a 7″ Argo figure shown. I have never seen any pictures of this figure other than what is shown on the back of the packaging.

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