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Infestation: Ghostbusters #1
Published on Thursday, March 10, 2011 by

When there’s interdimensional Zombies in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Let’s see what happens when the Ghostbusters take on the Infestation.

Infestation: Ghosbusters #1

Written by: Erik Burnham
Art: Kyle Holtz
Colors: Dan Brown
Letters: Chris Mowry
Cover: Kyle Holtz & Dan Brown
Asst Editor: Bobby Curnow
Editor: Tom Waltz

With Infestation: Ghosbusters #1 the last of the four worlds to be affected by the zombie invasion is hit. Zombies and Ghostbusters don’t seem like to much of a stretch at all, if it wasn’t for the presence of Britt at the start of the comic you might almost forget that it was a crossover at all.

While tracking down Poltergeists that for some reason can’t be stored in the containment unit Peter and Ray discover the first of many Zombies to pop up in New York City. The characters are all just as I remember them Ray is still as comical as ever and Egon just as obsessed with studying things even when in mortal danger.

There are two major downsides to the storyline though, that make it fee a lot weaker then it could have. First the Poltergeists and Zombies conveniently neutralize each other; the poltergeists being a spirit missing a body and the zombie being a body missing a spirit. It’s actually fascinating how they set it up but it feels a bit contrived and forced.

Secondly is the appearance of Stay Puft, I know Stay Puft and Slimer (who judging from the cover will also be appearing next issue) are the two most marketable ghosts in the franchise, especially to people like me who grew up with the cartoon series, but his appearance here feels even more contrived then the poltergeists/zombie thing. Now I haven’t read any of the previous comics for Ghostbusters but based on the movie should Stay Puft have even been in the containment unit? Didn’t he just explode at the end of the film. It kind of feels like they don’t feel the story is strong enough to sell on it’s own so they’ll throw in the two most popular ghosts.

The artwork is great, Kyle Hotz artwork is very expressive managing to capture the likeness of the characters but also amplifying it to make it slightly cartoony the result is a surreal world that can be gritty, frightening and humours all a the same time. Dan Browns colors help dial this up; Egon and Britt look positively creepy.

Sadly I can’t say much about the book from a feminist perspective, this version of Britt wears her jacket open all the way down to her crotch, which is bad enough but considering the fact that she’s colored with a very lifeless grey makes it all the more creepy. The only other woman in the story is Janine the Ghosbusters’ secretary.

Comic Quality Rank 3/5 -Some odd choices detract from an otherwise solid story-
Out of the Fridge Rank 1/5
Bechdel Test: Fail

All of Raye’s reviews can be seen at her blog at Out of the Fridge.

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