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Skullkickers TPB
Published on Thursday, March 10, 2011 by

Busting out of the Popgun Anthology, this series is kicking skulls as a well received series and now as a trade paperback. Skull Kickers was a success on the comic shop shelves in the serial comic form. Now that successful comic has been bound into a TPB from Image Comics.

Image has been cranking out TPBs, so the fan should know what to expect. Full size, color reproductions of the comics that preserves the story and makes it easier (and slightly cheaper) to buy into for future readers. These are great TPBs to share with friends and not worry about your SkullKickers vol1 #1 first printing getting creased by your friends.

Skullkickers #1 sold out at the distribution level. It wasn’t alone since other issues sold out at the distribution level.
If you missed the first issue, check out the review and see what you’ve missed along the way. People raved about this series. What have you been waiting on? Perhaps you were waiting for a well packaged TPB, if so, this is the time.

The TPB has a few peeks at character sketches and a little bit of bonus material to make this attractive for people with the comics already in their long boxes. Take a peek here to a preview. Discuss Skullkickers on the Pryde Forum.

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