The GeeksverseThe Grim Ghost #1

The Grim Ghost #1
Published on Friday, March 11, 2011 by

Written by: Tony Isabella & Stephen Susco
Penciled by: Kelley Jones
Inked by: Eric Layton
Colored by: Kieran Oats
Lettered by: Richard Emms
Cover Art: A- Kelley Jones; B- Qing Ping Mui
Editor: Mike Grell

The Grim Ghost haunts the Fringe, the world between the living and the dead, protecting lost souls. One of those lost souls is Michael. But Michael is special and he’s able to interact with the living as well as shows powers like the Grim Ghost has.

The story is fast paced, almost too fast. It’s hard to get a handle on exactly what the Fringe is. It’s some kind of purgatory but one that exists alongside the living world. But why are the new souls being attacked by the more evil of the Fringe’s denizens? Wh is the Grim Ghost needed? Why do some of the people in the Fringe have powers? How do we know who is in the fringe and who isn’t?

The backstory between the Grim Ghost and Braddock is nice, and gives the two of them a reason to hate eachother. But neither of them are fully developed. Braddock just seems like a name attached to a monster just so there can be a bigger thug. The way Braddock tricks the Grim Ghost was nice. Using the Grim Ghosts own methods against him.

But it causes more confusion though. Why are the thugs monstrous and Lizzie isn’t? The script isn’t that strong, as we get plenty of description of “what” the Fringe is but nothing on “why” it is. The story is lacking. There is nothing about the characters that hook us or make us want to learn more.

Jones art is bad. I’ve never been a big fan of his style, but I’ve seen some of his stuff that is decent. This is not. This is bad. All the characters look alike. I couldn’t tell Matthew or Michael apart. Lizzie, the girl in the Fringe, is a dead ringer for Amy the girl in Michael’s flashback. All of the thugs/creatures look alike. Even Braddock, who is plain and boring. The only thing that sets him apart is his size.

The layouts are hard to follow. There is action that happens that doesn’t make sense, doesn’t seem to fit with the story.

There’s a lack of details in the characters and surroundings.

The Grim Ghost #1 receives
2 out of 5

Not a good start to this “relaunch”.

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