The GeeksverseB.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: Gods #3

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: Gods #3
Published on Saturday, March 12, 2011 by

Written by: John Arcudi and Mike Mignola
Art by: Guy Davis
Colored by: Dave Stewart
Lettered by: Clem Robins
Cover Art: Ryan Sook w/ Dave Stewart
Assistant Editor: Daniel Chabon
Associate Editor: Samantha Robertson
Editor: Scott Allie

This issue teaches the lesson “be careful how you treat people”. But then Devon didn’t do much to earn respect after what he tried to do to Abe at the start of this mini-series.

This mini-series served to introduce the new character of Fenix, as well as further along the conflict between Abe Sapien and Agent Devon. Both will have major ramifications further down the story.

That is if Abe survives.

Arcudi has a couple of real nice scenes with Fenix. When she confronts Abe and then when she and Devon face off. Both scenes are well paced, well laid out and both should prove to be major plot points for the characters involved.

Overall this is a transitional mini-series. At first glance it doesn’t seem like it will have much weight, but the events of the last issue serve to solidly put it in the midst of the overall story and provide a turning point. The first two issues were set-up for the events that happen in the last half of this issue. It’s a credit to Arcudi that he made those set-up issues work as well as they did.

Davis’ art is better in this issue then the previous two. The monsters are well rendered and freaky in their appearance. The previously mentioned scenes with Fenix wouldn’t have been as strong if the art hadn’t been good. Davis lays those scenes out perfectly, from the angles and perspectives used down to the expressions on the characters faces. The panel of Devon has he stares down Fenix just screams of a man torn, wondering what he should do.

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Gods #3 receives
4..5 out of 5

This will prove to be an important issue in the overall B.P.R.D. story.

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