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Venom #1
Published on Saturday, March 12, 2011 by

Written by: Rick Remender
Penciled by: Tony Moore
Inked by: Crimelab! Studios, Sandu Florea and Karl Kesel
Colored by: John Rauch
Lettered by: VC's Joe Caramagna
Cover Art: A- Joe Quesada w/ Danny Miki; B- Paulo Siqueira w/ Morry Hollowell
Associate Editor: Alejandro Arbona
Editor: Stephen Wacker

The new Venom is the same symbiote, but this time it’s being used by the government and tightly controled. It’s given to an operative to use for only 48 hours at a time and for only 20 missions. Which means something is going to happen that will make this series shift real soon. Either Flash ends up keeping the symbiote past the 20 missions, which will probably change the direction of the book, or Flash gets replaced and we have a new character to follow.

Either way, the foundation to this new series isn’t that solid.

Flash Thompson is an odd choice to be the operative. He’s a Marine, but only a corporal, which means he wasn’t in the service for very long before he got hurt. So why was he picked? In a comic world sense it doesn’t work. He doesn’t have the training for these kind of missions. He’s a loyal soldier and citizen, but thats it. For the purpose of selling the book it works because Flash is a known character that has been around for awhile and having his name attached will draw in readers.

But I don’t like it. It doesn’t work. He should be higher rank to indicate that he had spent some more time and service and received the kind of training required. Corporal is just too low.

Remender’s Jack O’ Lantern is a great character and was fun to read. But his Flash is boring. He’s too talkative and doesn’t seem to have the right voice.

The General being upset that Flash chose to kill the weapons scientist doesn’t ring true though. He should be more upset that Flash disobeyed directed orders and that it resulted in mission failure. Flash should have been kicked from the team right then and there. Again showing that Flash isn’t the right choose, in a real world sense, and is only there because he’s a known name.

Also why would Jack O’ Lantern return to attack Venom when he had the scientist and was making a get away? That part doesn’t work and comes across as just being done to prolong the fight. There was no logical reason for Jack O’ Lantern to turn around.

This is also an odd book to set up a main villian in. Venom’s missions shouldn’t be connected as he’s an operative for the government. Remender didn’t do any story points that could lead to more missions that involved the mysterious shadow figure.

The reference to alcoholism being a struggle was heavy handed. Giving the bar a wheelchair ramp but not the church. Very obvious and heavy handed. This is my real world experience poking through, but a church would have to have handicap accessibility if they were holding public functions like AA meetings.

I hope that Remender doesn’t have Flash lose control of his anger and “venom” out every issue. That will get old quick.

Moore’s art is decent. He does a good job with Venom’s various forms. I like that he kept the hint of the uniform there when the symbiote took over. Jack O’ Lantern looked cool.

The art has a chaotic and frantic feel to it. It feels like it’s always moving. The people looked like stereotypical eastern europeans and he nailed the details of the city.

Venom #1 receives
3 out of 5

The story had some strong points but there was also alot that just didn’t add up. Not the best start to this series but then the foundation wasn’t solid to begin with.

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