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Footprints #1
Published on Sunday, March 13, 2011 by

Written by: Joey Esposito
Art by: Jonathan Moore
Lettered by: Adam O. Pruett
Cover Art: Jonathan Moore

Bigfoot, the Yeti and other cryptozoological monsters are pretty popular in comics nowadays. There’s Missing Linx and Proof and now Footprints. Each has a different feel and take. Footprints is a noirish tale with an interesting human take on the characters.

The main character is Bigfoot. He comes across as a detective of sorts. He’s definately in that vein. Not the nicest guy, a user, but someone that when the chips are down, you know he’s got your back. The story focuses on Bigfoot tracking down who killed his brother, Yeti. We see him gather a group of cryptozoological creatures to help him out, and see what the government’s involvment is.

Esposito does good giving them all human qualities. One of the strengths in this story is how he makes creatures like The Jersey Devil, Loch Ness and Megalodon (a giant shark) come across as human but at the same time their “monster”-ness is still a part of them. Off hand comments like Nessie being able to change her size so she can fit into the room and Don (the giant shark) not being able to get involved that much because he’s a giant shark, really help show that they may act like humans but they’re not.

The passage of time seems odd, and thats really the only negative to the story. The Jersey Devil goes from the arctic to scotland, to columbia to the bermuda triangle and to Virgina awfully quickly. How does Bigfoot get from the arctic to Virgina when the Devil flew him the first time?

There’s a bit of humor to some of the exchanges. I’m interested in seeing what Nessie meant by having to sleep with people for intel. Can she change her form as well as size? The Jersey Devil is a great character. Someone you wouldn’t want to know in real life, but he makes for good reading.

Moore’s art definately carries the Noir tones. It has the feel even when depicting a giant shark with a domino mask. The monsters look like monsters, but with human qualities. Their faces carry human emotions.

The flashback of them in the 60s is a riot. Seeing the Yeti with a large Afro is great. Moore takes a scene that could have been bad, monsters dressed like they’re in the 60s, and makes it work. The monsters look natural in the clothes and outfits.

Footprints #1 receives
4.5 out of 5

Bigfoot as a noir character works.

The Team of Footprints have started a Kickstarter page to publish the book. Visit the page and give them your support.

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