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Kaeli & Rebecca #1
Published on Sunday, March 13, 2011 by

Black and white fantasy adventure from Dandelion Studios’ Quarterstaff Imprint in Kaeli & Rebecca #1 story Refelctions.
Story: Rick Silva
Art: Katrina Joyner
Lettering: Katrina Joyner
Editing: Rick Silva
Cover Layout: Missy Pena

The black and white fantasy world alternates between being lush and forgotten in the background of the panels. Often when characters talk the panels drop to white to help focus the attention. It is an interesting choice given that the panels seem free floating across the page and are freed from a six panel grid.

The main characters, Kaeli & Rebecca can be a bit hard to distinguish from time to time throughout the comic. Luckily they do have a few key differences in character design. Kaeli has the antenna in addition to her pointy eared, long haired, shapely figure form. Rebecca has an absence of antenna with her pointy eared, long haired, shapely figure form. The confusion comes with the mystery section of the comic where mirror images jump in and out of portals in reflections. Despite the commonalities in shape and height between the character designs the reflection of the manor house is interesting. The design is free flowing earless, whispy long haired, shapely form figures.

Like the earlier Quarterstaff Comics comic, Stone #1, the interior art matches the cover.

The story has mystery and fantasy adventure as should be expected from Quarterstaff Comics. The plot has a mystery and a quest, but the quest itself and the reason they are searching for Amulon throughout the comic is still a mystery. This could be questing for questing’s sake. Perhaps that is leaving room for more comics in the future to explain why this mysterious episode takes place. Despite being a buddy book the two characters spend most of the book apart even though they are on the same mysterious, unexplained, quest. It is a positive that the creators didn’t have to force these two buddies together during the entire comic but let them try to explore on their own.

Other upcoming titles from Quarterstaff Comics are Zephyr & Reinald: Minions for Hire as well as Perils of Picorna #1 (of 6). Check out more about Kaeli and Rebecca on their Facebook page.

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