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Russell Dauterman Interview About Mis-Adventures of Adam West
Published on Sunday, March 13, 2011 by

Russell Dauterman is working on the Misadventures of Adam West, an unorthodox bio-comic.

Russell Dauterman has worked in design, costume design, children’s books, and now comics. He is freelance illustrator which has been a dream since he could pick up a crayon through his Master of Fine Arts Degree from University of California in Los Angeles. Dauterman who is not a house hold name in the industry, has had diverse internships which have included Marvel Entrainment and costume history for Deborah Nadoolman. Dauterman’s recent work includes costume illustrating Captain America: The First Avenger and The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. Dauterman is currently working on several comic book projects, inlcuding the Mis-Adventures of Adam West and was willing to answer a few questions for the Pryde.

As a fan, what are your childhood memories of Adam West?
Russell Dauterman: My favorite childhood memory of Adam West is his appearance on Batman: The Animated Series in the episode “Beware the Gray Ghost.” I always loved that episode and thought it was a really smart way to tie together those pivotal depictions of Batman. I was also crazy about the Adam West Batman movie as a kid. Shark repellant, Miss Kitka, Batman running through the streets with a bomb – I loved it (and still do).

Are you drawing the titular character based on pictures of Adam West, old film clips, or did you get to sit down and sketch West?
Dauterman: I wish I had the opportunity to sit down and sketch Mr. West! I’ve pulled together a lot of photos/TV stills and have been working from those, trying to make the drawing realistic but with my own style mixed in.

R Dauterman's pencils

When approaching this Adam West comic, how you would you describe it differently from a conventional bio-comic put out by BlueWater?
Dauterman: This Adam West comic is inherently different from the bio-comics mainly because it’s fiction, rather than biography-based. The book stars Adam West as Adam West, but places him in new situations and stories.

The teased covers show Adam West in several character costumes. Is this project drawing on your costume design background?
Dauterman: I actually didn’t do those teaser covers – they are by Matt Bellisle, I believe. However, I am doing covers for the series, which will have a similar vibe. My idea for issue 2 will definitely draw from my design background.

On this project, how closely have you worked with Adam West designing the supporting cast?
Dauterman: Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to chat with Mr. West. My designs are really just based on the script.

Besides comics, you have also worked in Children books. Given Adam West’s biography, what scenes are you going to get to draw in this project that you would not be able to put into a child’s book?
Dauterman: So far the first issue has very little that I would put in a children’s book! The story is very James Bond-esque, so it’s a bit far from the children’s book work I’ve done.

This book is currently slated for release in July with a sneak peek on Free Comic Book Day. What will be showcased on Free Comic Book Day?
Dauterman: That’s definitely a question for Darren[Davis, of BlueWater]. I’m nearly done with penciling the first issue, and Kamui Ayami (the colorist) has a lot colored, so you might get a big chunk of the book on FCBD.
Darren Davis had this to say, when asked about the Free Comic Book Day book.
Darren Davis: We are doing the free comic book day as a flip book with the Walter Koenig book. I am a huge fan of both.
The BlueWater Adam West/Walter Koening flip book is a Silver Level FCBD offering. See your local comic book shop about ordering copies for you and your friends fearless readers.

I’m sure Adam West fans will be excited about this fictional bio-comic which is scheduled to hit comic shop shelves in July, 2011.Since the teased art was done by a previous artist on the project, Russell Duaterman’s blog is a nice place to sneak a peek at the pages in progress. Discuss this BlueWater project,Mis-Adventures of Adam West, on the Pryde Forum.

Also be sure to check out the KP exclusive peek at Dauterman’s pencils for the upcoming Mis-Adventures of Adam West below.

Kitty Pryde Exclusive Peek

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