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Sea Ghost #1 -Advanced Review
Published on Sunday, March 13, 2011 by

Jay Piscopo’s new Sea Ghost #1 hits the stands on March 30. Nemo Publishing sent over an advanced copy so that we could tell you about this book. This is one parents of young comic book readers will want to contact their local comic book shop or visit to get their own copy of this action adventure comic.

To fully understand the Sea Ghost announcement, a little background on Capt’n Eli is handy. Capt’n Eli began with the same origin as the Lone Ranger, Little Rascals, Soap Operas, Green Hornet, and Captain Midnight: product sales. In the case of Capt’n Eli, he is a young character that was pictured on root beer labels:

The soda company, a family owned business, wanted to see the young boy as a Children’s Literature hero. The company contacted Jay Piscopo who worked to create a complete world, a place mat, graphic novels, coloring books, and now Sea Ghost #1.

The Sea Ghost is a way for writer/illustrator Jay Piscopo diving into a different area of the underwater world from Nemo Publications. He brings a new flavor to the root beer inspired comic book world. Reading of Capt’n Eli is not required to understand Sea Ghost #1, although this is taking place in the same world because Capt’n Eli explains himself and introduces legendary ultra-hero Sea Ghost on the first page. This is a good starting point for new readers as well as a fun story for returning fans. Young Capt’n Eli narrates the strange adventure story of Sea Ghost running afoul of Commander X. Commander X is a villainous Nemo causing trouble under the seas. Sea Ghost confronts shark riding soldiers, and simian soldiers on land to conclude this floating and flying adventure.

Sea Ghost is a self contained one shot that is reminiscent of silver age comic adventures. The action is fun. The characters and situations are tongue and cheek. And it is all completely appropriate for a young audience. The root beer inspired Capt’n Eli world, which includes Sea Ghost, is still completely young reader friendly.

Sea Ghost and The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli are not Jay Piscopo’s first foray into comic book pages. Piscopo has been working in children’s entertainment for 15 years with work on CD-ROMs, annimation, and comics. Piscopo’s resume includes serving as art director at Tom Snyder Productions and as an animator on ABC’s Squgglevission. Piscopo also penned The Scrap Pack Rats for Goodwill Industries.

Piscopo’s writing style is reminiscent of Silver Age comics which are fun, action packed, and appropriate for all ages. His art is a mixture of the old and new.
Check out a preview here. Piscopo’s art is a blend of traditional hand drawn and computer rendered 3D images. The visual juxtopositon of 2-D and 3-D is a neat pairing. Sea Ghost has a flatter look than the previously released Capt’n Eli, but the techniques hold true.

Sea Ghost will be released on March 30th. Standby for Adventure!

Don’t take my word for it. “A ripsnorting, old-school adventure with great characters, a terrific story, and out-of-this-world art.” – Brian Augustyn, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight . The kind of comic I loved as a kid and still love today. FUN!” ~ Brendan Deneen, Flash Gordon. Visit for more information on ordering this new silver age action adventure story that is fun for all ages.
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