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Walking Bread Jest’s
Published on Sunday, March 13, 2011 by

How do you know when a comic book has become successful? It is parodied. Sure, the 14 volumes of trade paper back, large print runs of the floppy, TV show, action figures, and legions of fans make the world know a comic is successful, but it is the parody that is the sincerest form of flattery. So, Walking Bread from Jester Press.
Writer: Troy Hasbrouck
Artist: Jason Kimble
31 pages of bread flying horror parody.

Fed by corporate greed and high profits, the irradiated un-dead yeast rises to end life as we know it. Only Janitor Joe and Mechanic Zoey stand between the murderous baked goods and total destruction. But will they be enough to stop THE WALKING BREAD?

This one shot of humor and destruction is brought to you by Jester Press, the same press which has previously released Destiny of the Dragon, Night, and Shadows of Night.
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