The GeeksverseThe Pound #1 – Advanced Review

The Pound #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, March 14, 2011 by

Published by: Frozen Beach Studios & IDW Publishing
Written and Created by: Stephan Nilson
Penciled by: Karl Waller
Inked by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Lettered and Created by: Charles Pritchett

The Pound is being released digitally by IDW Publishing and will be printed as a collected edition in August.

The opening of the book, as well as the cover, reveals what the conflict of the series will be. Werewolves. The opening is violent but it doesn’t set the tone for how the rest of the book ends up being.

The majority of the book is taken up by the story of Scott Allison, his family, and how they are coping with his being laid off from his job as part of Cleveland’s Animal Control Division. At first glance it doesn’t seem like it would be something that would be worth reading about, but Nilson hits all the right notes. The majority of the book is not action packed or even looking like it would lead to being action packed. The opening foreshadows where the book will lead, but you don’t spend the issue waiting for that moment to happen. There is no feeling of waiting for the werewolves to jump out from around the corner.

Right from the start Nilson makes you care about Scott and his family. You can picture yourself, or anyone, being in his position. Loving family, great kids, excellant father. Scott Allison is a normal person. When the vice-principal says that they took up a collection so Scott’s daughter can go on her fieldtrip, the reader is right there with Scott. You’re fighting to hold it in, swallowing your pride but wanting to punch that smirk right off the vice-principal’s face. Especially when he says “poor life choices.”

That is what makes this book, and this issue, so great. The charater moments are so well done. Scott reacts as most of us would in the same situation. I really enjoyed the “bleeding Brown” comments and banter between the kids. I know alot of families that are like that with sports. It’s another way that Nilson draws the connection between us and Scott, making him one of us.

I found myself enjoying just the story of Scott that I forgot all about the werewolves until the very end. Now I can’t wait to read the second issue to see how Nilson brings the supernatural into Scotts natural life.

And where has Waller been hiding? I don’t see art this good in alot of the books from the Big Two and other publishers. There’s a couple of minor story flow issues, a bit of jumping in the action, in the opening sequance, but that is quickly forgotten about in the level of work in the overall story.

Waller’s work is excellant. His figures are well proportioned, each of them unique. There are no awkward or stiff poses, each figure looking and moving like you’d expect. And his character, the figures, are well done. They look like normal people would. I even enjoyed Scott’s mutton chops, the haircut and chops looking natural and not out of place.

Waller nails the little details. He even got the wooden boards in the bed of Howie’s old truck. I’m surprised this guy hasn’t gotten a high profile book. I definately want to see more.

The Pound #1 receives
5 out of 5

It says something good about the book that you can enjoy just reading about a man sitting back and drinking a beer.

The Pound will be published digitally by IDW in the spring with a collected print edition to follow in August.

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