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Ask Matty for March 15th!
Published on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 by

Here’s the answers to our latest round of the Mattel q and A
1a)On the basis of this answer from mid-July 2010:

Will we be able to get a Queen Marlena in MOTUC, or does the inability to use Filmation cause problem for her release?

We can absolutely do Queen Marlena. She appeared in both the original mini-comics and the 2002 series, which are both available for the current line. She was a Mattel-created character and we can put her in any colored dress we would like (including Green).

1b) Would Filmation-inspired straight repaints be possible in general, provided they are straight repaints of Mattel-owned designs?

It is something that we could do, but we are not in a rush to do it.

2) Now that JLU is coming to an end, are there any characters you’d like to see before the line ends.

From Toyguru:

“Personally I would have loved to see a Wild West Pack as well as more Forth World characters. In the end, in my mind, JLU would have gone on for 20 more years. While we have a very passionate fan base, in the end it just was not large enough to continue to support the line.”

3) Will we see Classic versions of Voltron besides stuff from the new line

4) I know that as far as MOTU prop replicas are concerned, we were told that there would be now blades. However, what about doing something like a Power Sword Letter opener? That would be something alot of fans would like to have on their desks.

This is something that has come up, but it is not something Mattel would manufacture because again, it is a type of “blade” and Mattel simply does not make weapons (even letter opener scaled version!). We do make preschool toys after all, and as a company have taken a stance against producing actual metal blades of any type.

5) We know a NA character is coming… can you give us a small hint as to who it might be?

It will be a Galactic Protector.

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