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The Guild: Tink One Shot-Review
Published on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 by

Felicia Day is a geek’s dream come true a creative female geek that is not afraid to be herself and that comes through in the honesty of the pages in the one shot Guild: Tink.

As both actress and creative force, Felicia Day has been entertaining audiences with the comic stylings of gamers for several years on the internet with Guild. Last year she changed media and presented The Guild’s origin story as a comic book, illustrated by Jimm Rugg. That series is already available as a Guild Trade Paperback. Now she is doing a string of one shots to explore the back stories of the characters that the internet is falling in love with.

This comic should work if you’ve read the last mini series, which is now conveniently available in the Guild Trade Paperback,or not. Like the last one shot, this comic works even if you haven’t followed the characters, because it tells a complete story.

Story: Felicia Day
Art: Kristian Donaldson, Even Bryce, Jeremy Bastian, Wellinton Alves, Jason Gorder, Tim Seeley, and Adam Warren (on different sections)
Colors: Michelle Madsen, Emily Warren
Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover: Ron Chan, Peter Bagge and Joanne Bagge

This issue has a slew of artists throughout. Visually this book has to live in at least two different visual worlds: the mundane real world of the players and the fantasy world of the game. This comic does a nice job of keeping those distinct in color and art quality. This book is also packed full of fantasies, stories, and day dreams that are also separated visually by art styles.

Tink is the snarky spunky rebel of the group. Her story is far from straight forward as she relies on her own sense of truth, although the tale is easy to read. The characters’ life and thoughts are clearly separated. While the art seems complicated this issue showcases the talents well.

The reader discovers the mysterious snarky Tink in this issue even if the other characters don’t. Fun read for Guild fans old and new!

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