The GeeksverseTwilight Guardian #3

Twilight Guardian #3
Published on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 by

Written by: Troy Hickman
Art by: Sid Kotian
Colored by: Bill Farmer
Lettered by: Troy Peteri
Cover Art: Jeffrey Spokes
Editor: Filip Sablik & Phil Smith

The best part of this issue is seeing Hickman poke fun at some of the conventions in the comic industry. TG was approached to have a comic made out of her life. Hickman shows us three versions by Avernus Comics. There’s a Punisher-like version, that has some pretty funny moments. The Jart’s “she’s giving me a headache” comment was priceless. There’s an “edgy” version that looks like she’s something Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison and Mark Millar dreamed up well drunk. And then there’s the super hero parody.

All of them are great. They fit in perfectly with the type of comics that TG has been reading but at the same time we can see the jabs at the industry.

TG is one of us, taking to an extreme. Which in a way is a reflection on the industry itself. Super heroes are characters taken to extremes, so in a way it rings true that this is how one of us taken to an extreme would act. She’s on the edge of paranoia. Is she seeing things or is what she thinks she sees really true? That’s the question and it’s a fun journey.

Kotian’s art is excellant. He’s able to adapt is style to fit the three different versions that Hickman shows in the comics she reads. It’s really good work and it’ll be interesting to see how quickly he is snatched up for a big assignment.

Twilight Guardian #3 receives
4 out of 5

Another solid issue by Hickman and Kotian.

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