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Lock-Man by Four Star
Published on Thursday, March 17, 2011 by

In 1985, knock off toy maker, Four Star released Lock-Man. As far as I can tell, the Lock-Man line consisted of 4 robots who could turn into either a padlock or a chain lock. The two molds used came in two different colors. The padlock came in Gold or Silver and the chain lock came in either red or blue. These molds were slightly changed from Bandai molds for their Padlock Robot line (known as Metal Joe in Japan) For bootlegs, these were really well done retaining the combination of plastic and die-cast metal that the original construction had. It appears that none of these robots had specific names so for ease’s sake, I’ll be using the original Metal Joe names here.

Dial Lock stands at 4 1/2″ in robot mode. The main body is made from Die-cast metal while the head, arms and lower legs are plastic. The packaging mentions having to use the dial combination & pressing a button on the right shoulder to unlock the lock and using a different combination to open the lock body to transform Dial Lock.(6 to the Right, 11 to the Left to open lock & 3 to the Right, 8 to the Left to Transform to robot) I tried this without much luck opening either. I found if you hold the robot head down, you can open the torso to transform Dial Lock, as for opening the lock as a lock, it seems you just need to press the button and wiggle the lock bar.


Chain Lock stands about 2 3/4″ tall in robot mode. Unlike Dial Lock, Chain Lock’s body parts transform into the lock body and don’t just fold up inside a shell body. The lock aspect is a lot more effective as well. The end of the chain has a skeleton key look to it that slides through the shoulders. Each shoulder has a numbered tumbler. When the tumblers are set to 5 & 8 (reading left to right) the skeleton key slides out unobstructed. His hands appear to be designed to wield the skeleton key as a weapon.

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