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Phoenix #1
Published on Friday, March 18, 2011 by

Written by: Brendan Deneen & Jim Krueger
Art by: Dean Zachary
Colored by: Mai
Lettered by: Richard Emms
Cover Art: Dean Zachary
Editor: Mike Grell

This opens up with an alien abduction gone wrong. Ed was abducted by aliens and so was his entire town. They are all dead except for him and his best friend Max. Ed keeps getting killed by the aliens, but he won’t die. He keeps coming back to life and has discovered some kind of energy powers. And a weird suit has been grafted to him.

That pretty much sums up Phoenix. The story is somewhat interesting. I’m curious as to what the aliens did to him and why he can’t die, as well as the extents of his new powers. I’m interested in finding out what the aliens were doing on Earth, what they were looking for.

So the premise is interesting, but the rest isn’t. It’s the strongest, storywise, of the three new Atlas books. The script could use some help, as it’s pretty rough in a couple of spots. But the story looks like it could be pretty decent.

I’m wondering how much involved Jim Krueger is. I usually like his stuff and his scripts are usually strong. I wonder if he plotted and Deneen scripted.

The problem is the art. The outfit is pretty bad looking. The aliens are pretty bland looking. The characters are awkward and don’t move well. It’s hard to follow in a couple of spots. The storytelling aspects are lacking.

There’s a couple of panels that show what Zachary is capable of, but he needs to improve to get to that point.

Phoenix #1 receives
2 out of 5

There’s a decent story in here, it’s just hard to find.

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