The GeeksverseThunderbolts #155

Thunderbolts #155
Published on Friday, March 18, 2011 by

Written by: Jeff Parker
Penciled by: Kev Walker
Inked by: Jason Gorder
Colors by: Frank Martin
Letters by: Albert Deschesne
Cover Art: Stephanie Hans
Associate Editor: Rachel Pinnelas
Editor: Tom Brennan

Luke Cage and Dr. Strange go hunting for a new member of the Thunderbolts to help them with their lack of magical power. They go looking for Satanna. Parker shows he can write the magical side of the MU as well as anyone.

I wish the editors had made them do the spells the same as what Bendis does in New Avengers. It would have helped the continuity of this issue. For a shared universe, there are some glaring issues with continuity between titles.

I like that Parker is increasing Man-Things role and making it a core member of the team. It’s an odd character to throw into the mix of the supervillians but it also fits in well with this team. Parker has created an odd assortment of characters, but they are finding themselves becoming a team.

He does good showing the bitterness of Fixer and Mach-One in not being chosen to head up the new Beta team of T-Bolts. I didn’t recognize a single one of the characters shown in the training room. What was odd is that Fixer picks up both Moonstone and Gunna, but Gunna ends up being in the training room. It’s a bit off.

I hope that Fear Itself doesn’t get in the way of Parkers story too badly. I’m liking what he is doing with the Juggernaut. I also hope that the Fixer’s recent time assisting Baron Zemo comes to light. That’s one of those glaring continuity issues that needs to be resolved.

Walkers art is growing on me. It seems to have softened a bit and not as rough as when he first started on the title. I’m still not the biggest fan but it’s better then it was to begin with. He’s still got a weakness with woman.

He did excellant with the magical defenses. His ice elemental is amazing and the stone one equally as good. The action scenes are his strength.

Thunderbolts #155 receives
4 out of 5

Another solid issue by Parker. A different artist might help this title grow.

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