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31 #1
Published on Sunday, March 20, 2011 by

Published by: 215 Ink
Written by: Andrew Anderson
Illustrated by: James Boulton

This is an interesting story. It’s a spy tale, about an agent called 31 and his partner, a female agent named 32. No names are allowed, just their designations.

The story is pretty straight forward. Agent 31 has been compromised and has to get out. He manages to evade the Russian Mob only to find out that his sister has been kidnapped. He goes rogue to rescue her and Agent 32 comes along for the ride. We also find out that they have broken one of the cardinal rules of spycraft, don’t get involved.

Interspaced throughout are flashbacks showing how 31 became a spy and how he first met 32.

Anderson does good with these flashbacks, using them to help flesh out the relationship between 31 and 32. Between those and a couple of comments here and there, we can get a pretty good idea of the depth and extent of their partnership, which goes deeper then just hooking up.

It’s obvious that Anderson did some research for this story. The bit about using an air force transport is a good indication of that.

The story is fast paced, the script decent. As far as spy stories go, it’s not the most original but it is intriguing enough to warrant picking up.

The art is hit or miss though. Boulton’s got a rough and sparse style. He doesn’t waste any lines, using the bare minimum most of the time. It also varies from panel to panel, page to page. The problem is that the look of the characters vary just as often. Sometimes 31 appears overly muscular, then others he’s thinner.

It’s a cool style and with some more work could really knock a story like this out of the park.

The layouts could use some work though as in a couple of spots the progression is hard to follow.

31 #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

A decent premise that is worth checking out.

31 #1 can be purchased from Drive Thru Comics for 99 cents.

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