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BombQueen vs Hack/Slash
Published on Sunday, March 20, 2011 by

$3.50 worth of mature audience one-shot serving up two edgy female characters from Image Comics: BombQueen vs Hack/Slash. That is all the reason that the artist needs to show off some thongs.

Story & Art Jimmie Robinson
Colors Paul Little
Publisher Jim Valentine
Special Thanks Dino Caruso
Cassie Hack & Company created by Tim Seeley

“What Counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight-it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”-Dwight D. Eisenhower
“The dog is mentioned in the Bible eighteen times–the cat not even once.” -W.E. Farbstein

This one shot takes place after Cassie takes out a serial killer in NY, Vlad stops a murderer-rapist in Washington D.C., and support staff finding a ring or satanists in Chicago all of which are taken out baseball bats. Amid killing serial killers they are traveling with Pooch an inter-dimensional something vaguely dog-like and skinless that can lead the group from one dimension to another. In this one shot tale Pooch takes them to New Port City.

New Port City is not Kansas anymore, but instead a city ruled by a villain, the Bomb Queen. Pooch is following the scent of Pain, torture, and death. Pooch falls for the classic horror film trap of going off alone in a dangerous looking place. The movie reference is true to Cassie’s character as spoofer of pop culture and bat wielder.

Tim Seeley’s underwear peep heroine is a fun one to follow. I’ve recently jumped on board during the Image run. I’ve read some BombQueen over the years. I think that the current jabs at President Obama is fun, but the Queen’s comics can seem uneven. Sometimes they’re funny and sometimes they’re not even when they are always bloody. I’m more familiar with Hack’s supporting cast at the moment than I am with Queen’s followers. Ashe the black cat familiar lays out a definite plan but I’m not familiar enough to know if that is in character; however, since the writer is Jimmy Robinson I’m sure that it is.

Honestly, when I saw this advertised I thought it sounded cool. When it hit the shelves this week my local comic shop put it in my pull bag automatically because I am getting Hack Slash. My stack was large this week so I almost put it back. I thought passing on this would be a nice way to lighten my stack and save a little money. I almost put it back on the shelf. As I was putting it down I gave it a quick flip. The comic looked like fun. I enjoy a good fun book. This has all of the dirty jokes and odd placement of artifacts that one would expect from BombQueen. Nipples are not slipped in this book but instead they are frontal and fully displayed.

The black cat demon, Ashe, takes over Cassie Hack and forces her to fight Vlad and Bomb Queen. The fight is quick. Lots of this book recaps characters for new readers that are not familiar with them. The Emerald Knights eventually show up but are not quite helpful. The girl on girl kiss was expected.

In the end, this book was fun. I don’t think it will change anything from the current Tim Seeley Image run of Hack/Slash. As a luke warm BombQueen fan I could have left this issue on the shelf and been fine without it. It was fun and comics should be fun. Dirty jokes and panty shots didn’t quite make it worth the price of admission but it was fun.

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