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G.I. Joe Renegades: Ep 14 Knockoffs
Published on Sunday, March 20, 2011 by

My thoughts about this episode are mostly positive. This is not a perfect episode, but #15 is fairly cool. I like that Zartan is essentially given a two part introduction to bring him into the hood that Joe fans expect. In my min Episode 9, Dreadnok Rising, functions as the first part of the staple character’s introduction. Knockoffs merges the biker, the ninja hater, and the ultimate master of disguise fairly well.

Zartan has swore to find the jerks that jacked his hog, which answers the question of where the motorcycle came from that Duke and Snake Eyes share. That also provides a nice clue of how out of order this season has become. This episode has to occur after most of the motorcycle riding ninja shows that we have already seen and Flint losing Duke and company. It seems like this episode is supposed to be several after Dreadnok Rising, rather than doing a back to back two-part episode like the one that provided Storm Shadow and Jinx’s story.

Flint using Zartan seems a bit odd. Why are they transporting him in a jeep? They could have made a deal with him while he was in prison. They could have carried a GPS unit into the prison upon request if all Zartan wants to do is burn the group that stole his bike, but instead Flint decides to take him for a ride which allows him to escape.

Despite Flint’s numerous mistakes, it is nice seeing Zartan back. That is better than a new enemy being added every week. Bringing back a baddie is good, especially to continue the development. Holographic technology and biker bad guy make a nice pairing. They are beginning to develop him into a nice character. This show pulls from the original mythology in a nice way. I like Zartan bumbling onto the holographic technology. That is a nice pairing with his mimicry that was established in the biker boys episode earlier in the season. I have been a huge Zartan fan for years so I might be biased but so far he is one of my favorite characters thus far.

What have I forgot? Why is Snake Eyes freeing Zartan? I may have to re-watch the first Z episode. Sure the bikers jumped the ninja and tortured him but should Snake Eyes being holding a grudge? Aren’t ninjas above grudges? If Snake Eyes wanted the biker dead why doesn’t he kill him instead of knocking him out to be recaptured by Flint and taken back to jail? Has Snake Eyes been riding Zartan’s bike this entire time as a form of payback? Is the Ninja just freeing Zartan to try to kill him? That mysterious ninja just acts mysterious here to force the story along even when it doesn’t quite make sense.Ninjas hear heartbeats? They are really pushing the Ninja saves the day envelope in this episode. I like the tension between Zartan and Snake Eyes, but the ninja defeating technology is getting old already. I like that Zartan wants to kill Snake Eyes because of the stolen bike. This is an interesting way to nod to the ninja slaying Zartan that has been presented in other incarnations.

I keep pondering how much of this show is going over the heads of the childhood audience. Zartan takes some sophisticated listening skills to figure out where he goes from time to time in this episode. While the entire concept asks the audience to suspend certain bad guy good guy dynamics from time to time, having to follow Zartan can be complicated. Would kiddies even understand the Baronesses quick offer? This show is more than just a kid’s show.

Besides the hooding of Zartan, this episode also introduces Wild Bill.

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